Food prep: there isn’t nothing new about that.

I read a lot of blogs and follow a lot of people on instagram and twitter.  I know when Sunday rolls around my feed is jammed with people doing the same thing I’m doing: food prep.  I’m not foolish enough to think my house was the only one food prepping for the week but I feel like you, readers of the blogs, are getting hit over the head with the same information just from a different blog.  I love all my fellow bloggers because we couldn’t make it out here in this virtual world without each other.  BUT I want to be different for my readers and I want to share some different things with all of you.

I just need to know: what is it that you want to know? What I’m food prepping? How I decide what to food prep?  WHAT?!? I don’t want to keep giving you the same information as every other blog.

That being said, I wanted to show you the inside of our fridge:

Inside our #fridge! I've already meal prepped for the week. Have you? #sundaysetup #mealprep #healthyeats #lunch #dinner #tiuteam #fitfluential

Now that you see it, there are a couple of things you can take away from it:

1. We obviously hold stock in yogurt companies. The top shelf is usually filled to the brim with just yogurt. Willie is on his greek yogurt fix so he’s buying a different brand than me. I like plain greek yogurt! Yogurt is something we eat everyday.

2. I love the Rubbermaid produce saver containers. Those are the green topped containers.  They really do extend the life of your produce.  It’s really great for the berries and squash because it lets the water drain to bottom but doesn’t allow you fruits and veggies to sit in it.  GENUIS! Red tops are for the actual food storage.

3. Willie has started a new thing with eggs.  He’s hard boiling those suckers and eating them as snacks.  He says it works.  I might try it every now and then.  At the farmer’s market on Saturday, he purchased duck eggs.  He hasn’t tried them yet so I can’t report anything. That’s them on the top shelf on the left.

4. Most of our grocery shopping is produce.  The drawer isn’t as filled as it usually is for some reason, maybe because I had already prepped a lot of the stuff.  Willie has a thing with eggs, I’m definitely going through a lettuce phase.  I will eat every meal on top of a pile of lettuce.  Doesn’t matter what it is, it will be served on a HUGE (like the size of my head) bed of lettuce.  I go through so much lettuce every week, it’s kind of scary.  Funny thing is, I will only eat romaine lettuce though.

5. Everything is pretty much grab and go.  Most people prep the meal parts separate and put it together throughout the week.  I don’t!  I portion size everything out in the containers ahead of time so we don’t have to worry about it.  That goes for every meal, except dinner because we have a little bit more time to eat on real plates instead of Rubbermaid containers.

Other things of note in the fridge:

I do keep hummus and tzaziki in the fridge because it’s great for dipping my veggies in for a snack.

Some type or multiple types of nut butters live in our fridge because we’re both obsessed with it.  Willie loves peanut butter and I like it all.

We do use almond milk instead of regular milk, unless I”m drinking my lowfat chocolate milk!

The fridge door isn’t quite as exciting:
And the #fridge door! Nothing really exciting here though! #foodgram #foodie
The only thing I use on a regular basis on this door is water, chocolate milk (workout recovery) and the liquid egg whites. Everything else is really just taking up space. I should probably throw it out. I keep the syrup there for when we have guests and we make pancakes for them. I also keep sugar free syrup on hand for us when we actually do enjoy the pancakes. For the first time in years we had juice in the house because Willie made some orange soy sauce thing that was really good!  Of course, I use the mustard and sirarcha on everything but lately sirarcha has been bothering me.

This was a pretty tame week for the fridge.  Nothing really special in there, except maybe the 3 pounds of fish we had on the second shelf.  It was raise your mercury limit in the house this week because wild caught Atlantic salmon was on sale so I had to buy it.  And we had cod because it’s my favorite fish.

What are the staples in your fridge every week?

Let’s talk about snacks

Let’s talk about snacks

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