The truth about life

You may have noticed the blog was a little scarce last week.  I hate when that happens.  I’m not one to schedule posts and send them through the loop.  Maybe I should do that in times like this but I like to stay authentic to my readers and post real stuff.  This past week I’ve failed to do so because I’ve just been stressed.

I will be honest.  Things have been really stressful since November and since then things have just started to pile up.  The past two weeks have probably been the most stressful of my life in a long time.  I really wish I could elaborate more, but it’s best to just leave it stuck in the grey area.  I will say this stressful part of life has nothing to do with my marriage.  I don’t want people floating rumors around the internet that simply aren’t true.

How have I been dealing with my stress?  Not by eating my emotions.  But I will admit last Wednesday I came home and I was really upset.  I was REALLY upset and opened up a box of Puffins while venting to my husband without even knowing it.  I had only eaten 3 pieces of cereal before I noticed what happened.  That was really the only emotional eating slip up I had and I wouldn’t even call that a big deal.


Otherwise, I’ve been focusing on staying positive.  I’ve been stepping back and saying, “This is happening right now, but this could happen to make it better.” I haven’t really let things go out of control and I’ve just been handling one obstacle at a time.

Headed back to Texas in my #headsweats hat and drinking my @nuunhydration! Gotta love the @thelamarathon. The medal is so cute! #nuunlove #teamnuun #headsweats #running #marathonmaniacs

I’ve always been working out to help with the stress.  Luckily last week was launch week at the gym because that gave me some extra reasons to go to the gym.  And of course, I’ve been running.  Three marathons in three weeks helps keeps me sane and mentally strong.

Things are looking up because I have great people helping and supporting me.  Things are looking up because I’ve had a very positive attitude.  But most importantly, things are looking up because I’m not letting it drag me down.

I just wanted to give you the update on what’s been going through my mind and life and I’m asking you to understand the small dip in posts.  I don’t want to leave you in the dark.  I look forward to doing more on the blog now and I’ll be working on some videos.

I hope everyone has a great Monday and a great week!  What’s the one thing you’re going to be positive about this week?