Notes on Willie’s birthday and homemade frozen yogurt

Willie’s birthday was on Monday.  He’s growing into an old  wiser man!  He’s so low key that he didn’t want to do anything which made it hard for me.  I always want to make moments in his life super special but he’s happy with toned down and low key.  I guess it’s the time we spend together that makes it special, right?

From @williebeatfat's birthday!

When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said nothing. I wasn’t going to let that fly so I went searching for the perfect card and perfect present. The card search was a lot harder than the actually present though.

Willie has been into cooking lately so I knew I wanted to get him something kitchen related. We’re pretty equipped with cooking/baking stuff so I didn’t know what I should go for. He’s been talking about an ice cream maker (to make froyo) and I knew that is what I should get him. I still wasn’t sure if it was going to be something that he wanted, but he seemed to really like his birthday present.

The finished product! @williebeatfat made froyo with his bday present and it was good! He's excited to try different flavors!

He made some froyo last night. It was the first batch and he used flavors I recommended: banana and peanut butter. The verdict on the froyo: it was good, not great! It’s a learning thing. The greek yogurt flavor came through very sharply and I think we used too much peanut butter. Remember folks, a little bit of peanut butter goes a long way. Lastly, there wasn’t enough banana in it it. I think next time we should attempt half greek yogurt, half vanilla non-fat yogurt and less peanut butter. I’m not sure if we’re going to use peanut butter the next time around though. We might try to mix something up tonight!

So what froyo flavor combination do you think we should make?