Menu Run Down: Week June 24 – 29, 2018

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a successful start to the week.  I just wanted to hop on and share my meal prepping and grocery shopping this week.  I may have gotten a little bit too ambitious with my meal prep this week or maybe I was just feeling a bit tired.

Meal prepping isn’t hard as long as your organized. Just carve out some time of your day to get it done (2 hours) and you should be good. Also, find different ways of cooking things so everything doesn’t need to go in the oven.

Here’s what is on tap for us this week:

Breakfast has been a little iffy for me lately.  Some days I want eggs with turkey sausage or days I just want a simple Greek yogurt and toast.  I’m only prepping three days of overnight oats just to be on the safe side and I scrambled some eggs for quick reheating.

Tiny Tot will have oatmeal or waffle, with fruit and scrambled eggs.

Lunch always needs to be super easy for me.  This week I’m having  Chile lime chicken salad with green beans. I know I said I was going to stay away from chicken salad but I purchased the ingredients last week but I never made it so that is what I’m eating this week.


Tiny Tot is having some version of a homemade  “lunchable” this week.  I use Hormel Natural Choice uncured hard salami or roasted turkey. There is also some fruit, cheese, and Good Thins crackers. This is really a suitable option for anyone.  Just find the combinations that you like and make a lunch out of it.

Dinner is something that I could change up a few days a week. So last night, we had salmon burgers and the rest of the week we’ll have turkey meatballs. The meatballs can be used in pasta, on their own, or in a sandwich.  That way we can change it up for a few days of the week.  Tiny tot doesn’t mind eating the same thing all week as long as she doesn’t know she’s eating the same thing.

Sides are sweet potatoes, snap peas/green beans, and a brown rice quinoa mix.


Snacks are carrot oat bars pictured above in her lunch or the healthy carrot muffins from Veggies and Virtue.  I know I’m heavy on the carrots this week but I joined a muffin club for moms and the first recipe was for carrot muffins. Plus, there’s always some fruit or Greek yogurt to eat. When all else fails, I’ll have a protein bar which I’m trying to stay away from. I want to focus on eating more real food.


My weekly budget for grocery shopping is ideally $125 but I don’t always hit that.  This week I came in at $127 and that’s with my grocery pick up fee. I’m also trying to minimize the mid-week trips to grocery store. Last week I did pretty well with no extra trips. I’ve learned when I prep my snacks also this isn’t a problem. That’s why I went to baking the bars and the muffins (plus those seem like treats for myself and Tiny Tot is getting her veggies in somehow.)

That’s what I prepped for this week.  Things were a lot better this week than last week because I took the time to plan everything.

Did you meal prep this week?  What did you make?