The pie hit the trash so let’s try something new

There’s nothing wrong with Thanksgiving eating but there is a problem with leftovers.  It’s especially hard to be one of those people who HATES to throw food away.  Continuing the Thanksgiving eating for many days after Thanksgiving can be a problem.

Thanksgiving throw out

I woke up yesterday and saw a lot of food in the trash including a full pecan pie, angel food cake and some macaroni and cheese. Willie was serious about it. It’s time to move on.

Last long run before Marathon Saturday! I'm excited to run the race that crushed my marathon dream last year. Most importantly I'm excited for @williebeatfat to run his first marathon. I'm so proud of him. Neither one of us wanted to get out to run this m
It’s marathon week! It’s not my first marathon but it was supposed to be my first marathon this year so I’m excited to run it. I’m MOST EXCITED because it’s Willie’s FIRST marathon. He’s handled his training like a champ and I really feel like he’s ready to rock it. I’m a proud wife!

It's Monday! I went to Group Power this AM. How are you getting active today? Leave a comment! #fitfluential #fitfam #tiuteam #sweatpink #workout #gymtime

It’s Monday so I wanted to motivate you to keep going, but I also want to share some knowledge with you. Cardio is great! I love it, but to keep your cardio up you need to do some other stuff too. It’s the beginning of December so I want you all to try something new. It will only take a few minutes but this will help you out A LOT!

And I know this says it’s for runners, but these are exercises that will help everyone out!

Will you give these workouts a try?