My biggest motivation

There’s one thing I’ve learned about motivation over the past few weeks.  In my case, I definitely need that dangling carrot to chase. When I was on the weight loss journey, the carrot was of course losing the weight.  Motivation came in the mirror and just being able to move around better. Since losing the weight and experiencing a whole new world, I’ve constantly been on the go.  I’ve been running these races and traveling across the country with goals…and then all of the sudden I’m not filled with that.  That became my normal and all of the sudden it’s… View Post

What I LOVE about where I live

My city has gotten a horrible wrap lately with the school board issues and of course being placed on many lists:  saddest cities in US and contender for most obese US city.  But I want you to know I loved this city when I was fat and I love it even more that I’m not fat!  Beaumont is a great city and it is not sad!  Every place has it highs and lows and it’s different from person to person.  That comes with everything.  The air may not be as fresh or we may not always be able to see… View Post