Playing catch up

I’ve seriously fallen behind in life since Willie has been sick. Last week I split my time between the hospital, work and home.  I was totally out of my routine.  I didn’t get to work out that much and I was seriously tired.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get some sleep.  I know a lot of it was stress induced, but I was really really tired.  Good thing Willie’s hospital visit occurred the week after the marathon because I probably needed to rest days. The one thing I learned is the hospital doesn’t really serve healthy… View Post

What we look for in nutritional information

The first question people always ask is about what we eat.  What we is important, but I think the real question should be how much do you eat.  Portion control is something everyone struggles with, even if you don’t realize it.  The rest of the world labels Americans as hungry because we’re always eating…and overeating.  That portion on your plate at your favorite restaurant is more than likely two servings of food, but most people eat the whole plate without even thinking of that. We are constantly asked about what we eat when we are out and our response is… View Post