Product Review: Personal Trainer Food

This is a sponsored post.  I teamed up with Fit Approach and Personal Trainer Foods to receive a 14-day trial to the service.  This is a paid review but my opinions are my own.  Happy reading!

Personal Trainer Food is a meal delivery service to help people who are looking for weight loss results.  I was very excited to take part in this experience to help keep me focused in the new year.  As you know, I did weight 338 pounds just seven years ago and having a service like this would have been priceless.  When on a weight loss journey, it’s important for people to find the thing that is going to work for them and I could see this service as a very beneficial aid to those starting.

Why do I think it will be so beneficial? For starters, the food is already there.  You don’t need to worry about prepping the food and having it available.  This stuff is already in your freezer waiting for you when it’s time to eat.

Secondly, you are learning about the correct foods to eat. In the beginning of losing weight, I know it was hard to determine the right things to eat and what portion size.  With this service, there is no guessing.  Choose a protein and choose a veggie and you’re good to go.

And lastly, this is a great way to just get into the routine of healthy eating.  This meal delivery service is training you for your new healthy lifestyle and getting you into the habits of ENJOYING different food that you may not have been eating before.


What did I like about the service?  The food was surprisingly delicious.  When I hear “diet” food, it brings bland and boring to mind.  When I started my weight loss journey, there was a lot of chicken, broccoli, and brown rice in my life.  I was a bit fearful that it would just be something like that, but I was wrong.  There was a great mixture of food in there.

I received a 3 meal/day box so I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The breakfast options included eggs/omelets with some type of protein (turkey sausage patty, turkey link sausage, or bacon).  There was one pack that just had eggs in it.  The lunch and dinner options were basically pick your protein and pick a veggie.

The meals had a variety of proteins like chicken sticks, chicken strips, beef fajita strips, apple and gouda sausage, BBQ beef, etc.  There was a good variety of things which is nice for people who don’t want to eat the same thing every day.  My favorite of the bunch was the chicken dilly bites (pictured above).  Oh so good!

UntitledThere were various vegetable medleys to choose from and of course, there were the butter sauces. The butter sauces were a great addition to the pack because it allowed me to change up the flavor profiles of my veggies.

There were some days when I just wanted more food so I did take to volumizing the meal by turning it into a salad.  That seemed to work well for me. Also, there were a few times when I heated the protein too long and it became hard in some parts. It’s already perfectly portioned so it was a bit devastating (yes, I said devastating) to lose part of my protein.

The only drawback to the program for me was this is a very calorie restrictive program that is meant to produce results.  I can understand it.  All the information states you shouldn’t run a marathon or do any strenuous type workouts, probably due to that reason.  It is advised that you eat according to the plan and take a 20-minute walk every day or something to the equivalent.  Obviously, that didn’t work for me.  I’m a runner and a fitness instructor.  Some days I did feel drained and it was kind of hard for me.

But for a person who isn’t as active as me, I think this is a great meal delivery service.  I would have loved to have this after I had my baby when I couldn’t really work out and just needed to keep my eating on point.  This is a great tool to jumping off your healthy eating lifestyle because it can ease you into the process.  It’s a system that is built to work!

I  would definitely recommend this a great meal delivery service to others who seek seeking weight loss in a healthy way.  The food was great.  The plan was easy to follow.  This makes everything simple for everyone.