One goal for October

Happy October! Most people are talking about how September went by so fast, but for me it was slow. It was painfully slow. That’s why I’m glad that October has arrived.


Cooler temperatures are finally starting to arrive in the area which is making running a little bit more enjoyable. The sun is starting to set earlier which means my early bedtime doesn’t seem so ridiculous. This morning the temp was 55 degrees. How does that happen in deep South Texas? It’s amazing.

Chicago marathon

Also, I’m excited because I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon next week…and then I’ll get to travel to the midwest with Willie. And then there’s a trail run at the end of the month. I just have a lot of things going on.

Because of all this stuff I have going on, I have only one goal for October: to have fun. I over-analyze. I stress. I overplan. I overthink. Now it’s just time for me to have fun! I want to be present in these moments I’m about to experience and just enjoy every single minute of all the adventures I’m about to embark on. These are the moments I’ve been waiting for all summer.

So how am I going to accomplish this goal? Just by being prepared. If everything is already together then I won’t worry about it. I’ll be able to live in the moment. On the other hand, I won’t plan everything down to hour and leave some room for spontaneity. Making room for time to explore and grow is very important.

Texas 10 Huntsville

In other words, I must learn how to chill.  I will be working on taking things as they come. The focus on the things that did go right and not the things that went wrong.  This whole having fun thing is also me learning to adapt to things that happen off plan.  I’m  A SERIOUS planner!  Organization is the key to success but sometimes it makes me get in my own way.

It’s kind of refreshing to only have one goal for the month because it gives me one thing to focus on and not try to accomplish too many things. This might be what I need. Sometimes trying to accomplish too many things, gets in the way of the actual task.

When you set your goals do you limit the amount of goals for a specific time frame? Or do you try to just focus on one thing? Do you set monthly goals?