Weight loss: lost and confused

I strive for transparency here on the blog.  Notice the posts have been few and far between from here lately?  It’s not from lack of wanting to blog because I want to.  I’m really just going through some things. Willie and I have struggled to find exactly who we are.  I know he’s talked about it a bit on his blog and I guess it’s time for me to open up.

I’m the type of person when things aren’t really that great…I tend to disappear.  I’m very introspective.  I overthink and at some points I overshare.  Lately, I’ve just been kind of stuck.


A lot of changes have happened over the past few years.  One day you know who you are and the next day, you’re just lost.  Weight loss has changed our world.  Weight loss has allowed us to do and see many things that we never thought we would ever do. Weight loss has also left us confused and lost at who we actually are in life.

When you’ve identified so long as one thing and suddenly that’s not there.  It’s hard.  When some of the things you once were or loved to do aren’t there any more, it becomes hard.  Change is a good thing, but change is also something hard to deal with.

Right now things are just floating and we’re both on the verge of learning who we are.  It’s hard to be put in the spotlight as the “power couple” because all people really see is weight loss and that’s what we did.  That means a lot of eyes are on you.  Some of those eyes are waiting for weight gain or wanting you to fail.  A lot of those people are pulling for you to succeed and keep going.

I know Willie is struggling with what he wants to do and I’m in the constant struggle to just make a difference.  I know it sounds funny and weird but I know I’m in a state of unknown.  It’s hard.  It’s scary.  It’s kind of a big deal.  I’ve sat down many times to write blogs but the words just don’t come but these are the words that came to me today.  So maybe I should spend less time trying to blog about eating or working out and just really let you know what’s on my mind.

It’s been said that the truth will set you free so I’m hoping that by writing these words, I can free up my mind to go back to regular blogging.  Thank you for reading and supporting us!  It’s always appreciated and noticed.