Budget friendly grocery shopping tips

We visit the grocery store on the REGULAR!  We used to go twice a week because our produce would get bad but I think we’ve finally gotten that under control.  I know I like to stick to a budget because I’m cheap thrifty.  I thought I would share some of my budget conscious tips with you.

Grocery shopping is done! Now it's time to meal prep! #sundaysetup #fitfluential

But I have to warn you, I’m a grocery store wanderer.  I will put things in my cart that I don’t necessarily need right now but might need later.  Willie makes fun of me.  True story: when I was in Denver, Willie was responsible for the grocery shopping.  He had a $100 budget and told him to buy most of what we needed because I didn’t think he would be able to get it all.  I was wrong because he only spent $88 AND we didn’t have to make an in between trips.  I was amazed.

Maybe I’m not the right person to be writing this post but I’ll give it a try.

1. Make a list. Make sure you put everything on the list.

2. Most importantly, don’t be like me and make the list and not stick to it.

3. Use coupons.  This is kind of a problem because we buy mostly produce and fresh items which tend not to have coupons.  It’s definitely useful to check the store ads before planning your menu so you can get those whole foods on sale.  If zucchini is on sale one week, guess what? We’re eating that all week long!

4. Know your grocery store setup so you don’t aimlessly wander around the store.  Chances are if you’re doing that, you’re going to drop extra stuff in the basket.

5. Shop the perimeter of the store.  It’s faster and that’s where the healthiest of foods are located.

What’s our grocery budget?  I try to spend no more than $125 per week.  That pretty much buys us enough food for breakfast (7 days), lunch (6 days), dinner (5 days) and most snacks.


I’m always trying to find ways to cut back on the bill because it will fluctuate with different seasons.  I will buy off brands if it comparable to the name brands.  This week’s find was HEB Greek 100 yogurt.  It’s 88 cents cheaper than the Yoplait version and it comes in some great unique flavors. I enjoyed the melon more than the cherry limeade though.  When I think of cherry limeade I think of Sonic drink…this just didn’t pack the flavor punch I was expecting.  Melon on the other hand was more along the lines of what I expected.  I would definitely buy both again though.

Willie also suggests buying things in bulk. The warehouse stores are starting to carry more healthier items in bulk like Flatouts, nuts, yogurts, bars and things a long those lines. That way you can buy them up and make it last the entire month!

How often do you grocery shop?