Giveaway: Big Slice Apples make a great snack

I’m giving something away and it’s good.  I recieved a really great box of goodies a couple of weeks back and I just needed to share with everyone.  I mentioned it in my video and I was finally able to give it a tray.


Big Slice Apples are ready to eat cooked apples, made with real fruit and are naturally gluten free. There is something for everyone because there are 16 great flavors. I haven’t tried them all but I’ve tried most and I haven’t found one I don’t like.

It’s a great new snack!  I love apples!  Apples are something we eat everyday at least once a day and Big Slice just made it easier.  There are so many great flavor combos and it’s easy on the go.  I’ve just eaten them straight out of the package and it’s so good with some greek yogurt.


But I’ve also put a package on my oatmeal. Most sample packs are 100 calories or less. That is what makes Big Slice a great snack for everyone. You can take it on the go, don’t need to worry about spillage and eat it straight out of the package or add your granola or yogurt right in the pouch.


Willie has even enjoyed them on the go.  Willie is a tough cookie to please and he really enjoyed it. I think everyone should try Big Slice.  This is the perfect time to give you a chance to win your own pack.


Here is what you could win:

•        12 sample pouches, assorted flavors

•        Big Slice Tumbler

•        Spork

This is how you win.  Check out Big Slices website and tell me what apple pack you think would be your favorite and leave it in the comments below. The giveaway will stay open until next Tuesday and a winner will be chosen at random.  The winner needs to respond within 24 hours.  If no response, another winner will be chosen.

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