Don’t put in the work; don’t expect a good result

Many of you are giving the “WTF” comments on my post about getting my run life together. This is a lesson that can be taken to every aspect of life so I wanted to explain to you why am I getting my run life together.

Getting my run life back in order

I get where the WTF comments are coming from because you see me running all the time. That’s the thing, I am running all the time, but I’m not running consistently. Basically, I haven’t been putting in the work. I’m just going through the motions and that’s not what I want RIGHT now. I want to see improvement and I want to progress in my run journey. I feel like I’ve taken a back slide.

I haven’t been challenging myself. I do spend a lot of time running by myself because of my weird schedule and how I like to get things done. When I run by myself, I tend not to push my pace. I get settled and I stay there. Last year I was running sub 5 hour marathons and now that’s kind of just a dream.

Why could I do it then and not now? Because I haven’t been putting in the work. I’ve flaked out on runs. Most of my runs have just been going out there just to get the miles. Mileage is important but just making it through some miles (most of the time short runs) isn’t going to help me improve my half or marathon time. I need to remain consistent so I’m not constantly throwing my body out of whack with tons of mileage for a couple of weeks and zero weeks other. Consistency is key and that is one thing that is different.

People often ask me if they need to train for a marathon because lots of people just go out and do them. Training is key to train your body how to react over the long run. Yes anyone is capable of completing a marathon without training but you don’t want to completely fall apart at the end. My training seriously slacked off in June. It got hot and I was tired and I didn’t push myself. It really became about just making it through the end of the runs. But when I wanted to push myself and go for a better time, my body wasn’t capable of doing that because I didn’t put in the work before. I couldn’t trust my training because I got lazy with it. It showed in Chicago and San Antonio last year.

Moral of the story, if you don’t put in the work; don’t expect a good result.

I'm getting my #run life together. I use to get my run done in the mornings but something switched last year and I haven't been the same since. It's time to get back to these morning runs so I can get some improvement in my runs. I'm just more productive

How am I changing things? I’m going back to morning runs. I am most productive in the morning and when I put my runs off in the evening, I’m more likely to ditch the run or not take it as seriously. This was problem #1. I know I won’t be able to do every run in the morning, but most of them can and will be done in the morning.


This morning I missed my morning run because I had a horrible night of sleep, but I did go out to get it in today. I’m trying to build that mid-week mileage and this is just the first step. I did 5 miles today with almost negative splits at a 10:14 pace. I’m working hard to get that average pace back into 9:XX range.

I don’t like to be the slave to a training plan but I think right now I do need be on that rigid schedule. I crave structure and what I was doing before gave me an excuse to make excuses. Right now it’s time to go hard core to train my mind!

That’s how I’m going to get my run life back together. I want to really achieve some goals coming up soon so I want to put in the work. I just want to know that I did everything I could to reach my goal even if I fall short. I want to feel proud crossing the finish line whatever to time knowing I worked hard for it. I haven’t had that feeling in a while and I really need to get back to that place.

T’m putting it out there for you all to see that I am going to put in the work and I will be spreading stories of success! That is a promise.