The case of food poisoning

I was fine.  I was ready to roll.  I was feeling fine Monday when I returned home.  I was just really hungry and that’s what did me in.  I had some Indian food and I got sick.  It’s just a classic case of food poisoning.  I teach 5AM on Tuesday and 30 minutes before that it wasn’t going to well but I had to teach my class.


It was really sad that I couldn’t give it my all in class because Willie actually came to my class.  I was too afraid I was going to upchuck on everyone so I basically just told everyone what to do.


I was reduced to a diet of ginger ale and Saltines.  That’s all I’ve been able to handle.

So that’s where I’ve been. More specifically, I’ve been sleeping it off.  Everyone seems to think I’m pregnant but I’m sorry that is NOT the case. Yesterday I was able to go back to work but I wasn’t able to eat. That kind of made me sad because I really couldn’t enjoy National Running Day!

Today things are going better.  I’ve been hungry and I was able to teach my class this morning without feeling sick.

I don’t think I need to say it, but I will anyway.  I won’t be eating any Indian food for a LONG while.  It’s a shame because Willie loves it so much but me and cuisine are taking a break.

This kind of messed up my blog schedule but I’ll be posting my recaps from San Diego very soon.