Finding yourself is part of the journey

Happy Monday afternoon everyone.  Things haven’t been great in life and I’ve pulled away from blogging because it’s hard to remain transparent in really trying times.  It may have made the problems deepen a bit because it has become an internal issue.  Today Willie posted something on his blog and brought some things to the forefront. I really do hope you take the time to read his post.


I really want to encourage everyone to find what it is in life that will make you happy.  Without happiness, nothing else will fall into place.  I lived many many years not being happy and playing the victim.  It was a domino effect into everything in my life.

When we decided to lose weight, I made the decision to also change my attitude on life.  I’m not saying I’m perfect because I definitely still struggle.  The past few weeks have been a testament to the struggle. But my overall well-being has greatly improved.

I guess it doesn’t hurt that I really found something I love which is running which led me to finding what I want to do with my life which is spreading the word about health and wellness and trying to make a difference for the future.  Running is the thing that makes me feel alive and happy.  Once again, I can’t explain why or how, but it’s just something I fell into on the journey.

Running is not everyone’s thing but I do want everyone to find their thing.  Drawing, reading, creating, cooking…whatever it is, find it and do it.  Do it for fun; just because you want to do it.  Do it for yourself to allow yourself time to grow and change.  Do it for pleasure but always keep it in your heart.

And you know what?  You might find a few things that make you feel alive.  Always make time for those things and never neglect your “you” time because it’s an important part of life.  There is no reason to ever need to feel guilty for taking time for yourself to do something you enjoy.  Take the moments when you can and just live in those times.

What is it that makes you feel alive?  I’m interested to know so please share with me.