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Happy Friday!  Today I thought I would share with you some finds from the week.  It’s a new year so all types of stuff is hitting the internet and some of it I actually found interesting.


It’s a new year so it’s time to really start tracking your food and your workouts. We have always talked about logging your food here as a way to lose weight. It’s also important to log your workouts. Yesterday I was talking with a friend about his running and he told me that RunKeeper has run training plans for ALL LEVELS. This is a great way to get started into running and getting comfortable. It’s all FREE too. That’s the best part. There are plans for 5K up to marathon which I think is super cool. You can log your other workouts there too and not just running. If you’re on RunKeeper add me a a friend.

Brooks is having a WINTER sale and stuff is on sale. I scored a new pair of shoes this morning for $78. I’m glad I saved up my Christmas money for this moment. I also received a free cuff with purchase because it’s my half birthday.


Quaker Oats is having a bring your best bowl contest. If your bowl is chosen as the winning bowl you could win some serious dough. Just in case you didn’t know, I LOVE oatmeal. I wish I could have it at every meal because I love it so much. I take my combinations so seriously so this is the contest for me. But this morning as I was entering the contest, I realized the preparation of the oatmeal is just as important as the ingredients.

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I know there are new people viewing the site so I wanted to drop my social media information. This is my snapcode if you know how to use that.

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And we are starting a weight loss/fitness motivation group on Facebook for motivation and help. The group is to help answer some questions, provide support and just motivate each other to keep going with our healthy routines. It will be a positive environment.

What is your favorite topping for your oatmeal? Are you going to enter the contest?

Our weight loss tool: LoseIt!

Our weight loss tool: LoseIt!

Lose It! has been the main phone app we have used to lose weight. This app is not only a way for individuals to keep track of their diet and exercises routines but this is the app we used in our weight loss journey.  An August 2010 study by Kaiser Permanente shows people who logged their food in a food diary were more likely to lose weight AND keep it off! “This study shows that if people use quality weight management websites consistently, and if they stick with their program, they are more likely to keep their weight off,” said…

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