There are lots of races I get for free or get a discount code for, this was not one of those races. It was worth every penny I paid for it (and it wasn’t that expensive) because of the perks that came along with it. The race directors were amazing and their staff/volunteers just the same! This was one EPIC event! Jes and I early started! She’s a 6 hour marathoner and she thought she needed to extra buffer. I needed to take it slow so I could run the Gusher close to 4:35-4:50 this Saturday. I also needed it… View Post

This should have been posted this morning but I’m sick from running around in the cold and rain.  Plus we didn’t get back until late last night and I just needed some rest.  This weekend we loaded up the car with Jes to head to Little Rock to run the marathon.  Every year the race has a new theme and this year it was all about super heroes.  Everything was supposed to be EPIC!  We got in late Friday night, but that didn’t stop me from getting up early to run the 5K! Thank you to the Little Rock Marathon… View Post