Motivation Monday: Be present in the moment.

I’m blogging from a hotel room on this lovely early morning and I’m thinking about all the amazing experiences I’ve had this year.  It’s been completely amazing and there has been one take back from it all. Be present in the moment. That is today’s motivation Monday message.  It’s an important message to send, especially at this time of year. It’s Thanksgiving week which means a big meal to made and friends and family gathering together.  It can be hetic and overwhelming, but it’s also meant to be a time to be thankful and enjoy the time.  Don’t forget that… View Post

One goal for October

Happy October! Most people are talking about how September went by so fast, but for me it was slow. It was painfully slow. That’s why I’m glad that October has arrived. Cooler temperatures are finally starting to arrive in the area which is making running a little bit more enjoyable. The sun is starting to set earlier which means my early bedtime doesn’t seem so ridiculous. This morning the temp was 55 degrees. How does that happen in deep South Texas? It’s amazing. Also, I’m excited because I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon next week…and then I’ll get to travel… View Post