What happens when moderation doesn’t work

I’m a big proponent of eating what you want in moderation because if you don’t eat it there are several things that happen. Like you you start to constantly think about eating that one thing and then that can manfiest itself into something else.  Then instead of just eating a small piece or just enjoying whatever it is you want…you hit the binge.

The binge is never a good place to be because in my case, it just leaves me feeling horrible about myself and then I’m stuck in food regret.  I don’t regret many things in life, but I know for sure one should not regret ever putting food in their mouth.  There are bigger problems in the world and in some cases this food regret can turn into a bigger problem.


Enjoy whatever it is you want and go one about your business. It’s about moderation, but what happens when moderation doesn’t work? What if eating that one thing puts you down the hole and you have no idea how you got in your non-moderation habit?  That’s the time to reasses what is actually going on.

If you’ve been able to handle moderation in the past but all of the sudden seem to have a problem, take a step back to examine what is really going on.  It could be that you’re emotionally eating and trying to fill another void in your life.  There could be many reasons why a person would find comfort in food so it’s best to address that issue head on.

Before we lost weight, cheese was my thing.  I loved it!  I devoured it.  But when we started losing weight, I cut it out of my diet completely.  There is no moderation from cheese at all and so now it’s typically something I stay away from.  I know that eating that probably will create a problem for me so I do stay away from it.  But wait?!? Doesn’t that negate everything I just said about eat it anyway? It does, but I know it’s just a food I can’t handle in moderation.  If faced with a cake situation, it would be totally different.  I can enjoy the slice of cake and move on from it and not want to eat the entire thing.  Cheese on the other hand, there is a possibility that I would eat the entire block…so I have to stay clear of it.  And that’s probably why pizza is a big problem for me also.

This is a decision that you have to make for yourself and really stick to your guns.  It’s just easier for me to live without the cheese than to worry about overindulging in it. Some things you can enjoy in moderation and others…it’s just not possible.  And sometimes, you can learn to live in moderation if you want to be able to enjoy something you want to have.