Travel Tuesday: I’m going on a road trip

It’s Travel Tuesday so I’m taking a health/food/fitness break to tell you about my next adventure.  It’s all related somehow anyway, right?  I never would have dreamed of doing all the things I do now if I hadn’t lost the weight. My eyes are wide open now.  I’m ready to explore.

So my next big adventure will be a road trip to Las Vegas.  This is kind of monumental because I’ve never been to las Vegas before and I’ve never driven that far by myself.  I’m probably violating a road trip rule by going by myself, but it’s just something I need to do.  Oh, and Willie can’t get off work. Haha! It’s not ideal but I think it’s just something I need to do for myself.  It will be a learning and growing experience.

Driving down the back roads. #roadtrip #texas #austin

I am only in the beginning stages of planning the trip so I really don’t have much information to share with you.

The basics:

The trip will take me across Texas to New Mexico, Arizona and finally in Nevada. I am very excited to drive some of the Route 66.  It should be colorful and iconic.  This is uncharted territory for me so there will be plenty to see and much to write about along the way.

Why Las Vegas?

I am choosing Las Vegas so I can run the Rock n Roll Las Vegas half marathon.  Yes, I know I need to be collecting my states for my quest but I’m just not really sure driving all this way for several days, running a marathon and driving back home would be wise.  I think that would put too much stress on my mind and body.  This is meant to be an adventure.  I’m still running, just not the marathon.

I want to see many different things. I want to take pictures and I want to make some great travel vlogs.

Traveling is what I yearn for most in life.  I do suffer from wanderlust and this is just a great way to get out there and see this great country.  Plus, I’ll listen to every song that has a great beat too.  So it will be journey of different things.

And that’s pretty much as far as I’ve gotten with the planning.  The one thing I know I need to learn is how to change a tire.  I’ll be working on that between now and then.  I don’t just need to know how to do it, but I need to be a master at it.  I feel a good video coming your way.

I’m excited to be sharing this adventure with everyone.  Although you won’t be there with me, I’ll keep you updated along the way and I will ask for your help with the planning from time to time.  None of this would be possible without the love and support of all the blog readers.  It is greatly appreciated.

The impossible is possible, but you just have to try.

What places are on your road trip list?

Road trippin’ across the deep south

Road trippin’ across the deep south

I’ve been out of town on a road trip with my momma. This time last year our family was dealing with a serious health issue with my mom and this year I’m on a roadtrip with her. How freakin’ awesome is that? We went on a tour of the deep south: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and back to Texas! It was a good time. Plus, I am a southern girl. I wanted to deny it for many years, but I love the south. I think going to Ole Miss really changed my view of the South. I missed the Georgia…

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