Do you drink your calories?

I don’t drink my calories and when I do…it’s painful.  I would just rather eat my calories than waste them on a drink.  Most people aren’t that way.  When we decided to lose the weight, we did it cold turkey.  There was no more soda, juice, fru-fru coffee drinks or alcohol.  That was something I had to let go.

It’s amazing how little a cup of juice is and how quickly you can tear through a couple of sodas before an appeterizer arrives at the table.  Just knowing that was enough to turn me off the concept. I would allow myself to have a diet soda on the weekend if I wanted it, but soon that even died out.  The more I read about diet soda the less I wanted it.

Yep, I had to have one today. I'm not really a #soda drinker but I needed one. And it was good! #beverages #dietsoda #vices

Today, I wanted a diet soda and I drank it…and it was soo good.

I don’t really condone diet soda because it makes me bloated.  Whoa! Talk about TMI, right?  It also fools your body by being zero calories and sends your body into freakout mode.  And I also think that it makes me hungrier. I don’t know if it really increases hunger, but that is the way I feel.

I obviously don’t drink regular soda or fruit juice due to the high sugar content.  I thought I would miss juice but I really don’t.  It was just something I had to let go in the past.

Consuming my calories in a liquid form doesn’t always sit well with me.  I allow myself to have lowfat chocolate milk after a hard workout because I need it for recovery.  And after some hard races, instead of eating I do get a smoothie because that is really all my body can handle.

Alcohol was the easiest thing for me to give up.  I was always a social drinker but not like a super heavy drinker.  I started to do the calorie counts on some of my favorite drinks and realized some of them had more calories than a Big Mac.  That made it easy for me to let alcohol go.  There are some things I can substitute or make a healthier version of, but 9 times out of 10 I’ll stay away from the alcohol.

Yes there is SkinnyGirl and I’ve had it and it’s good.  I also know there are other alternatives too, but I guess in the end…it’s not worth it to me.

Why am I like this?  I would rather eat my calories than suck it down in a straw.  We all have our things though and most people may not agree with my method.  This was/is the method that works for me.  I would just rather eat!

Do you drink your calories?