Meal prep for the first time

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t my first time but this was the first time I’ve meal prepped this hard since early pregnancy.  But the good thing is I’m prepared for the week and I don’t have much to worry about.

Gosh, I don’t remember it being so much work but I’ve been out of practice.  I still need to get back in the habit.  Plus, I made some more “complicated” meals than normal. I tried to prep most of the meals so I wouldn’t have anything to worry about.  I’m trying to stay on track and be focused on a good diet.  The easiest way to do this for me is by having my food prepped so I don’t have to worry about what I should eat.

It actually turned out to be the best week for this kind of meal prep because my little got sick yesterday and the day was busy with trying to take care of her, get her to the doctor, and just keeping her calm. It was a long day and I totally missed lunch, but it was nice to know I had something prepped at home that was ready to eat.  I may or may not have inhaled that food without knowing I actually ate.

Enough of the personal stories, right?  You want to know what I prepped this week. I’m a bad blogger that took horrible pictures of my food this week, so please excuse that aspect.  And I didn’t actually get a picture of all the food, but that’s not going to stop me from sharing.  I must admit, I was just happy to have gotten it done.

For breakfast, I usually do something easy. I have a little bit more time in the morning so I do make my egg whites with veggies fresh every morning. I’ve been thinking about doing something I can just reheat so maybe I’ll do that next week. I also prepped my overnight oats. For the tot, she usually eats oatmeal or a waffle. I’ve been using Vans Blueberry waffles, bananas, and strawberries. She seems to need her food more instantly than I do.

For lunch:

It’s easier if we both eat the same thing with some variations on the side. For lunch this week, I made these baked ranch chicken taquitos from The Lean Green Bean. I also roasted some sweet peppers to go with it. Those were on sale this week and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to pair them with something different. I ate mine with a side salad and she had a Chobani Greek yogurt and grapes.

For dinner:
I thought I would keep it simple and eat the same thing all week. We do have salmon patties on Mondays but Tuesday – Friday we’ll be eating Pineapple Teriyaki turkey burgers. I do a mix of lean and extra lean ground turkey. (The price of EXTRA lean turkey has gone up a bit. It’s kind of disturbing.) I also made mashed sweet potatoes and green beans.


I made carrot oat bars because it’s a nice grab and go filling food. We just eat them plain, but you can frost them if you want. And then there are the go-tos: hummus and crackers, grapes, bananas, and applesauce. I still have a protein bar in the afternoon. Since the little is sick, she’s just been having smoothies so I guess I’ll be snacking on smoothies too.

So that is what we’re eating this week. Did you meal prep? What are you cooking? And since its summer, do you tend to change up the foods you’re eating?

WIAW: A typical day of eating

WIAW: A typical day of eating

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Meal Prep: Meatloaf all week

Meal Prep: Meatloaf all week

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It’s that shrimp “fried rice” I’ve …

It’s that shrimp “fried rice” I’ve been talking about

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