How to make a change

Going back to regular content after social media supported Black Lives Matter by uplifting black voices last week seems a bit odd. There’s still a discussion in progress that I don’t want to end. People are open to knowing and understanding at this moment in time. I encourage all of us to do better and look at what we can do to change the way race is handled in our country. I will get back to regular content, but I didn’t feel I could return to blogging without getting this post done.

Black Lives Matter

I don’t tend to talk about race because I don’t want to create waves or alienate my audience. Also, I don’t want to have to explain my experiences and viewpoints to others. Sometimes it feels like I have to defend myself against the situations someone else has put me in. It’s uncomfortable and makes me feel like I’m the problem when that isn’t the case.

Just because something doesn’t affect you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen or doesn’t exist. I’m encouraging you to develop empathy, so this moment becomes a movement. A moment is fleeting, but a movement can make the change!

I’ve seen the recommendations on books to read and documentaries to watch about race and white privilege in America. I’ve seen the posts about making donations and signing the petitions. All of this is great and needed, but the fundamental change starts with you. The way you look at the world or not look at the world is your decision. I’m asking you to decide that all lives do matter, but there’s a problem in the black community, too. Racial injustice, systemic racism, and racial profiling are things WE deal with every day. These things do happen, and yes, sometimes, the things you do regularly are causes for concern when my family and I step out of the house.

The real change comes when you choose to look at things thoroughly. The real change starts with you.

Use your voice. When you hear someone make an off-color comment in public or in private, speak up and say it’s wrong. Speak up when you see someone being mistreated. Educate yourself on the policies in your community and the people you choose to represent in the city. Use your voice by voting for people who want to make a change. Vote, but give yourself to give an educated vote that will make the change instead of voting for a political party.

Look around you at where you live, work, and all the things in your life. Choose to be inclusive and diverse while you listen, learn, and grow.

I hope you have taken notice that our President hasn’t spoken out on this issue. He jumped at the chance to make remarks after Charlottesville, but when he has an opportunity to unite the country…he chooses otherwise. He selects a photo op instead of sharing his words. What the reason behind this or what did it accomplish? To not alienate his core voting base? Because he doesn’t believe what happened to George Floyd and others are wrong? It’s his job to be the President of the United States for EVERYONE that lives this great country. We should be pushing for change, not division.

I fear this discussion is just a trend and will go away tomorrow. Like I said in my video, what makes George Floyd’s death different than the many that came before? America may have woke up in June, but I’m scared the country will go back to sleep on this issue. I want the world to change, and if talking changes one person’s outlook, I’ll call it a victory.

I want things to change. I want to be apart of the change. I want us to be the best versions of ourselves.

Will you stand with me?

In the defense of the Biggest Loser Winner

In the defense of the Biggest Loser Winner

Last night the winner of The Biggest Loser was chosen and people don’t seem to be happy.  I will admit, I don’t watch the show.  I really don’t like how the show doesn’t take it’s moment to educate the viewers on losing the weight, it strictly about the game.  In the end, it’s all about it being a reality show and game and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I know a lot of people look to show for a source of inspiration and motivation so I just wish there was just a little bit more education going on sometimes. So…

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