Episode #1 – Mom works podcasting out

Episode #1: Mom works podcasting out

“Every ending is a chance to begin again.” – Claire Wyndham

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Welcome to the first episode of the Mom Works It Out podcast. I’m Angela, and you’re probably listening to know what this is all about. I’ll give you my YouTube intro, but the beauty of a podcast is there’s more time to go into detail.

I’m Angela. I lost 200 pounds and fell in love with running. Now I’m trying to live the healthiest life I can while raising a toddler.

Why did I want to start the podcast?

I’m a blogger by nature, but I podcasted about Gossip Girl in the past. The podcast did pretty well, but that was during a time when people didn’t know anything about podcasts. Now podcasts seem to be all the rage, and I’m not sure people are reading blogs on a leisurely basis anymore. With the onset of microblogging on Instagram, I think It’s time for the blog to evolve into a new level.

The podcast will be an excellent chance for people to consume my information while going through their busy lives.

What topics with the podcast cover?

I’m far from weight loss, but there were many lessons I learned from weight loss and after. I’m continually working on myself, and I want to share the things I’ve learned with others. I want to help others be the best version of themselves at every moment. Long story short: I want to inspire others to live a positive and productive life by achieving their goals/dreams. Plus, I’ll share bits and pieces of my life like parenting, running, healthy living, etc.

Get to know me:

  • I love long-distance running. The longest distance I’ve ever run is 50 miles.
  • My favorite color is green, but you’d probably think it was blue because that is the color I wear the most.
  • I’m a businesswoman, and I enjoy learning more about business. I may not love running the family business.
  • I am a sensitive person, but I do come across straight to the point and rigid. There’s some caring behind it all.
  • I don’t know how to talk to people. Haley Pham’s merch says, “Narcissist online, shy in person.” That encompasses who I am to a “t.”

How I started 2020:

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what content I want to present to the world. I’ve shied away from social media a bit to recenter on the things I feel are essential.


Consistency is critical, and that is what I’ve been focusing on in the first month of the year. I’m striving for consistency in bible study, organizing, planning, workouts, and content creation. Most importantly, I’m working on creating healthy habits to deal with the ups and downs of life.

Tips for creating healthy habits:

  1. Determine what practice you want to develop and the reason behind wanting to create the pattern. It’s important to outline this as a reminder of why you are making the extra effort to do something new and different. There might even be a few times you will need to refer back to this when you start to struggle.
  2. Pinpoint what steps you need to take to put the action behind the plan. Yes, I want you to develop an action plan that will outline the things you can do to make this a habit for you. If you need to start a workout routine, get together the workout plan, how many days a week you need to do it, and what days you’re going to do the program. I’m trying to get more focused on my faith, so I joined a bible study group that meets weekly.
  3. Focus on creating consistency. Building consistent practice means even doing ith when you’re short on time or don’t feel like doing it. Forcing yourself to step in the uncomfortable takes the excuses out of it. You may not turn cartwheels about doing it at that moment, but when you look back, you’ll be happy that you stepped up on those tough days. Creating new habits is also a character-building practice, which is something we need to remember along the way.
  4. Let the expectations go and develop patterns that will work with your life. Don’t look it from someone else’s perspective or model it precisely after Sue from Instagram went into her journey. Find the road that will work for you so that you will have long-term success instead of short term frustration.


That is all for this episode. I look forward to providing you with more content over the year, and I’m excited to see where this new journey will take me.

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Follow me on the socials: I’m @momworksitout on everything and watch some of my YouTube videos if you want to see how quirky I am. Thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you again soon.

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