Why I don’t track my food anymore

I know I’ve talked about how we tracked our food using Lose It! to lose weight the first time around. It was completely helpful and a good tool for me at the time. But I had to step away from tracking my food because even after I hit my weight loss goal I was tracking my food the same way. It became a very serious part of my life that I became too neurotic about. No lie, I would hit my calories for the day and feel guilty about being hungry. It took me a long time to transition from… View Post

Five Things Friday: 5?s – Life After Weight Loss

Happy Friday everyone! It’s raining here. It’s got me in some type of mood, but life must go on. I am here this week with part II of the video from last week. FYI: This will be the last 5?s about weight loss for a while, probably like 2 months. I just wanted to round up the most frequently asked questions in a video for people to watch. I have a few other weight loss related videos that will hit the queue eventually but this will be the last of these kind for a while. I think you should ask… View Post