My Birthday: plaid, salads, froyo and friends

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day. I’m not very fond of my birthday because it’s so close to 4th of July. People don’t really pay much attention to it. The birthday isn’t about getting the presents (even though it’s nice) but more about the people who are willing to celebrate it!

#green and #plaid, I had to wear my favorites on my #birthday! #whatimwearing

I started off the day wearing two favorites: green and plaid…and more plaid. Look at the shoes!

Celebrating my birthday with the best people ever! Thanks to my wonderful husband, my momma and my best friends Jes and Damien for making my birthday awesome. And yes, I are at Which Wich for my birthday!
Fortunately for me I was able to celebrate my birthday with some important people in my life and the cards they sent me! There were a few people that I didn’t get to spend it with too but I got the phone calls from them and that made me feel loved! That little dog on the card had to make it’s rounds.

FYI: I think Facebook has come into our lives and depersonalized a lot of things. The people who really care about you pick up the phone and call or text you. I was pleasantly surprised at the people who sent me lovely texts or personally made the call…and I was also surprised by the people who did not.


I did get some pretty cool gifts. I got a gift card to Amazon, a Tervis tumbler (for all that water drinking) and the most rocking travel cooler EVER! It’s got like little shelves in it and it’s big. Y’all know I’m serious about my travel coolers because I use them all the time! It was pretty awesome. There will be lots of healthy snacks and foods going in this sucker.


Going out to eat use to be the big thing for my birthday. Obviously things have changed a bit! Going out to eat is such an underwhelming experience that it doesn’t matter to me. I would rather eat at home to be honest, but it’s my birthday so I should probably eat outside of the house. I didn’t know where to go. It was an all day ordeal. In the end it came down to Chick-fil-a and Which Wich. I choose Which Wich AND I got a free salad! I’m easy to please!


The one thing I knew I wanted was froyo. No birthday cake for me. I want frozen yogurt. I was giddy. I loved it! I did a mix of cake batter, mango tango, blueberry tart, razamataz (that’s not really what it’s called but it taste like the smoothie from Jamba Juice), and cheese cake with cashews and peanuts on top!  I gotta get that protein in there. LOL!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  It was a good day.  I’m going to buy myself a present today, but I’m not sure what.

But now it’s time for a VERY important question: what is your favorite flavor of froyo?