Don’t compare. Just do you!

I’m here to tell you to ignore the comps.  It does no good.  A big part of my motivation throughout the weight loss journey was to begin with the end in mind.  I visualized what I thought I would like in the end and that really kept me going.  Fast forward to now, I don’t look anything like what I thought I would look.  It’s hard as woman to not compare our outward appearance to others.  After all, we are constantly told what we should look like to meet certain standards.  I’m here to tell you, find your own standard and just be happy.

I thought I would be super cut and lean when I reached the end of my journey.  I never thought about loose skin, curves, muscles and whatever else that gets in the way.  But does that make me less than desirable?  No way!  I’ve come to realize these are only problems because others have made them problems for me.  Everyone will be something different and there’s nothing wrong with it.  I had to DEFINE my own reality and live within it.  There are certain things in MY WORLD that are just fine and I don’t care saying it!


I fall victim to the comps too, but we all need to break out of it.  I used to be really bad about it.  I was always worried about being a “back of the pack” runner because I didn’t run “fast.”  I got down on myself sometimes because I didn’t finish fast enough.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a competitive spirit but I’ve now learned my competitive drive needs to come from myself and not others.  What do I mean by that?  I compete against myself.

I want to be stronger than I was yesterday.  Run a half marathon just a little faster than I did before.  Cover those bike miles a little easier and faster than before.  I just want to keep moving in a forward direction that is dictated by me.

You define the person that you are; don’t let the world define you.

Everyone can’t win the race. Everyone won’t be Miss America.  No one person is going to be everything that we think is “perfect.” When you’re focusing on what someone else is doing or being, you’re taking the time away from focusing on your motivations and goals.  Everyone is different because we all take different paths.  The answers and the solutions are not the same for everyone so STOP trying to get the same results.  Be you; do you and just be happy!

Make the promise to yourself to ignore what everyone else is doing and take your own path to be the person YOU want to be in life!  It’s just that easy.

What is one thing you compare yourself to others about? How can you stop doing it? Are you going to make a promise to yourself?