Week in review 2021 #2

Hello all. I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. The week in review is a chance to talk about my workouts, what I ate, and everything in between. This is a way for me to show you how I try to incorporate healthy living into my everyday life. Plus, it’s a way for you to get to know more about me.  

Week in Review 2021 #2

On my mind:

Life is busy, and I feel bogged down in everyday tasks. The beginning of the year typically is VERY BUSY for me, but right now, I feel like I’m struggling to keep up. I mentioned this last week, and I’m trying to stay away from the “failing” feeling and replacing it with accomplishment. There are 24 hours in a day, and I like to get as many things done in one day as I possibly can. But not getting all those things done is also ok. Those are the things I need to remember when I’m struggling or not motivated to get things done. We have to listen to ourselves because we are the people who know ourselves the best. Know when to go full speed ahead and when you need to back off. It’s easier said than done, but I’m working on having this mindset.

What I ate:

Week in review 2021 #2
I tend to overbuy food. Food waste is a big problem for me, so I tried to lessen the blow of food waste this week. I purchased a pound of salmon, which was enough for dinner all week. I paired the salmon with Brussels sprouts and wild rice. I ate a HelloFresh meal of sweet and spicy ground beef and cabbage over rice for lunch this week. (I didn’t take a picture of this meal, but I did get it in my video if you want to take a look.) I stopped at Subway to get a protein bowl, a salad with a higher price tag, but it was just a salad.

It was a straightforward week. It was nice to have my meals prepped and ready for me. I mentioned I was staying away from alcohol this month, and it’s working out fine. A few days, I wanted a glass of wine or wanted a beer, but I fought the craving. Instead, I’ve been drinking Kombucha. The sugar intake has been excellent. I am trying to avoid excessive amounts of added sugar. Added sugar has consistently been an issue for me in the last months of 2020. I feel like I am tackling this issue very well, and my sugar cravings have reduced drastically. I have been drinking smoothies or eating fruit to get my sugar fix.  

My workouts:

Week in review 2021 #2
As I mentioned, the time hasn’t been on my side, so getting any workout is always a victory. I managed to get five days of activities this week. My goal is to carve out at least 30 minutes for five days. The weather fluctuated wildly this week, so I took another week off running. I am working on getting a treadmill to combat this gap in my training. Do you know how hard it is to find a treadmill at this moment? It’s almost impossible.

Monday: 5 min warmup + 30 minute Pop ride (Peleton) + 10 min cool down ride

Tuesday: 10 min strength warmup + 30 min full-body strength (Peleton) + 10 min cool down walk (Peleton)

Wednesday: 5 min warmup + 30 min Pop ride (Peleton) + 10 min cooldown ride (Peleton)

Thursday: REST

Friday: 30 min pop ride (Peleton) + 15 min EDM ride (Peleton) + 10 min cooldown ride 

Saturday: 3.10-mile power walk

Everything else:

Week in review 2021 #2

I am trying to make more intentional time to spend with Tot. I’ve been putting the phone away, turning off the iPad, and turning the TV off to spend more time together. She appreciates it, and it’s nice for both of us to get away from the screen for a bit. With life so busy, it’s essential to take the moments for intentional time together. It’s easy to think that being around someone = time together. That is nice, also, but it’s essential to have good quality time together.

Remember when I got into my minor car accident? The insurance company finally came out to assess the damage, and unfortunately, my car was totaled. A trailer ball hitch came off someone’s car, got lodged under my vehicle, and poked a hole in my floorboard. I thought it was a small hole, and I continued to drive my car. The hole turned out to be the size of a soccer ball and wasn’t worth the repair. It’s a sad day that I had to get another car because I did like that car. I planned on getting a new car after I knew the business was getting back to normal after the pandemic, but that day came a bit sooner. 

I am staying on track with my devotional. I may not do it every day, but I am getting it done daily for the most part. I am reading the Live in Grace, Walk in Love by Bob Goff devotional, and it is speaking to me every day. These are things I need to hear to grow in life. I highly recommend this devotional. The readings are short but powerful.  

My goal is to read a book a month, and I’ve jumped back into Ready Player Two. It’s not my favorite book so far, but I’m going to see it through until the end.  

Videos this week:

I didn’t exactly meet my content goals this week, but I’m still working on it. Content creation is not my full-time gig, so making the time or getting it all done sometimes falls by the wayside. I’m still here, working and creating as much content as I can during this busy time. The most important thing is I’m not giving up or giving in; I’m making it work for me and still making content creation a PRIORITY.

Question of the week:

How do you manage your time? Do you often feel like you’re dropping the ball in your daily life? What are your main priorities of the week?