Sleep evades me

I wish I had something more exciting to talk about but I don’t.  I have been desperately searching for sleep.  I haven’t had good sleep since Friday night.  After the marathon, I thought I was going to sleep really good but I didn’t.  I spent the majority of the night watching Willie get the best sleep of his life. I went to sleep in the car on the way home Monday, but that was only for an hour.  Monday night I got absolutely no sleep and I had to get up to teach my 5AM cycle class.  I was hoping… View Post

Do you drink tea? What I learned at Celestial Seasonings.

I’m a serious tea drinker! I will go to Teavana and spend all my money without knowing it. That tea is EXPENSIVE so I don’t buy it that often. I do love all kinds of tea though which is why I was excited for my trip to Denver a couple of weeks ago. I made a trip to the Celestial Seasonings home in Boulder, CO!  This is the place where they do everything. There is only one location for this company and everything is done here.  I was super excited to visit this place. I took the tea tour which… View Post

Back from Colorado

It’s been a long weekend but one that I definitely needed.  I’ve been really stressed and a little unhappy with things in my life so I needed some time to just loosen up and have a good time.  The only thing that really sucked about this trip was Willie couldn’t go with me.  I really enjoy having adventures with my husband but this one we couldn’t make work. I had a great time.  I have lots to blog about so I’ll be loading up the blog to get things out of the way.  I really planned on doing more blogging… View Post