CAMA Bag – The Smaller One – Review

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What do you do with your sweaty clothes after a run? How do you store your dirty clothes when you’re on vacation? No one wants to mix their dirty clothes with clean ones. And I know, after a long run or race, I like to change out of my sweaty clothes before driving home. It’s not pleasant to sit in stinky clothes, and I definitely can’t sit in wet clothes after the adrenaline of my workout wears off.
The CAMA Bag

I introduce to you the CAMA Bag. I received the CAMA Bag, the smaller one, to try out, and I love the bag. First, let me give you some details about the bag. The CAMA Bag is made with water-resistant materials and repels moisture preventing saturation from penetrating interior lining.

The CAMA Bag is also a double interior lining to absorb moisture and lock in odors. The materials for the CAMA Bag are locally sourced, and the bags are made in the USA. The smaller bag retails for $45 and is available in three colors: white, black, and steel blue. There is also a bigger version of the CAMA bag for $55.

The CAMA Bag
What I love about the CAMA Bag:

  • I know you shouldn’t care about the esthetics of your dirty clothes bag, but this is very nice. The bag is chic-looking. If you’re carrying it around, it would not be an eyesore.
  • There is a loop for carrying or clipping onto your bag. Having the carrying loop makes the back more functional for all situations. I used the bag to bring the clean clothes I wanted to change into after a race, and it was nice to slip it around my wrist. 
  • The CAMA Bag is built tough for any adventure, and that adventure will stay in the bag. What goes in the bag stays in the bag. I never worried about the odors coming from the bag or even my sweaty clothes leaking through the bag.
  • The CAMA Bag is easy to clean by turning the bag inside and washing it in cold water. After drying, the CAMA Bag is ready for your next workout.
  • I could fit a lot of clothes in the CAMA Bag – the smaller one.  I fit two days of winter running layers into the bag.

The CAMA Bag is an essential part of my running gear now, and I hope it becomes part of your favorite gear, too! I would recommend this bag for the person who gets sweaty and has to change clothes. But also, to the person who is a frequent traveler, needs to keep their dirty clothes separate in a suitcase.

The CAMA Bag in action: