Interesting read about calories and strength training

When we started the weight loss journey it was all about calories.  We counted those suckers like we counted pennies out at the register.  We used Lose It! to help track our calorie intake.  In the beginning we had a lot of calories to eat, but as the weight came off the calories we were allowed inched down.  I remember the day my calories reached 1300.  I remember struggling during that time because working out as much as I did and just eating 1300 calories wasn’t working.


My friend Aimee posted a link from Sophieologie about 1200 calories and I thought it was brilliant! I could sit here and blog about this but in the end I know it wouldn’t do this blog post any justice.  I want you to read my blog but I also want to provide you with good content.  In this case, she got it right and sometimes that is all that matters.

My best advice to people is to listen to your body, don’t get trapped by an app telling you exactly what to do, stay active and eat as clean as you can 80% of the time so you can enjoy that 20%!

I am sharing this with you because I’ve struggled with this issue about calories coming in and the calories I expend every day.  People often ask how many calories I allow myself to eat.  I use to be a serious calorie counter because it was what I needed to do at the time.  I’m not so rigid about it anymore because 1. I know I’m making healthy choices most of the time and 2. I am a very active lady!

For more information about a healthy weight and caloric intake, start here!