Weekend, meal prepping & looking for snack ideas.

I’m enjoying some time off work to run some errands around town. There are lots of things to do plus it’s my BIRTHDAY week.

I've renewed my drivers license. First time since 2010, I'm not sure I look that different! #weightloss #weightlossjourney #webeatfat #fitspo #fitfluential #sweatpink #iambft

I had to get my driver’s license renewed in person. I haven’t had to get a new picture in a long while because I’ve been able to renew online. This time I had to go in to get it done. I wasn’t there all morning but I was there for awhile. But I don’t think I look much different from my picture, right?

Bowling party

I’m not really trying to celebrate my birthday all week but it just seems like it. On Saturday, I invited some of my near and dearest friends to go bowling to celebrate. I had the “party” the weekend before because my birthday is always around July 4th and no one is every around. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate my birthday early with me. It was much appreciated. I guess now I might need to stop saying people don’t like me.


Yesterday morning I woke up to no breakfast because I didn’t have any bananas.  I can’t have oatmeal without bananas and Willie didn’t make any eggs.  So we had to make smoothies.  Willie was whipping up smoothies for everyone but they were really thick…kind of like a DQ blizzard.

So this is our last week of vegetarian so we meal prepped again but it was a little lazy.  We actually had some extra stuff left over so I had to use that.

What’s on the menu for this week?

Oatmeal and eggs for breakfast
“Fried” tofu rice for lunch.
Bean and cheese enchiladas with plantains and squash for dinner

I’m a little deficient on the snacks this week but I’m currently working on the situation. Today I just made a protein shake but tomorrow I won’t be so lucky. I’ll be posting about snacks sometime this week.  Snacks are really important.

What are your favorite snacks?