Week in review #6 2020

Hello, friends. It’s time for the week in review. We made it to the end of November, which means Christmas and Hanaka are around the corner. Covid scaled-down Thanksgiving this year. It was different and weird, but still enjoyable. It was nice not having to stress about big preparations or even trying to map out what Black Friday shopping I would be doing and when, since most shopping was done online.  This week, I planned to get some freelance and content planning done, but Tiny Tot had other plans. She came up with a case of pink eye, which I… View Post

Week in Review #4 2020

Hello, friends. I feel like I just did this post, probably because I was late putting the last week in review up. It’s been a week. I’ve tried to stay off of social media due to the nastiness of what went on. It’s been nice to have a bit of a break. My Tot had some sinus issues this week, which made her a bit whiny. That’s mom’s life, though. She’s feeling better, but it’s made me work that much harder.   The blog suffered a bit, but I did get my gift guide for runners.  I worked hard on this… View Post

Things aren’t always as they seem.

Things aren’t always as they seem, especially when it comes to weight loss. Sometimes things are better and sometimes things are worse…or sometimes things are just normal but a new normal. Willie had a break through a few weeks ago and he’s handling it well. He identified his problem areas and he’s really going after it. I’m very proud of him. He’s committing to really finding his new normal and living with it. He’s good like that. He is a pretty even in his emotions so he doesn’t let things get away from him. I’m having problems adjusting to the… View Post

I’m battling the insecurity

I like to think I’m ok with it, but I know I’m not.  I haven’t been bashing my body image but I’ve been more conscious of it lately.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been out of town lately and really settled into my usual pattern, but I’ve been noticing. I talk about my legs way too much.  I even mentioned it last week in a blog post. I am self conscious about my thighs.  Funny thing is, it used to be my arms but now it’s my thighs. You will see the evolution of the shorts in this post.  Maybe I… View Post

The deal with our body image

Excuse me as I give myself a pep talk about body image. Some of you may have the same problem as me and others may not, but I do have a problem. In the car on the way back from Memphis, I was reading the news and I found this clip of Jennifer Lawrence telling us to “screw those people” who want to make us into someone else. It was actually a refreshing moment to watch and made me love this woman so much more. How can you not love the psychotic girl from Silver Linings Playbook or Katniss Everdeen?… View Post