A Christmas light bike ride

Last night, Willie and I went on a Christmas light bike ride.  We wanted to do it last year but we didn’t.  I don’t remember why but it probably had something to do with the social aspect of ride.  We just didn’t know anyone and it never occurred to us to just go out there to meet people.  This year we were all game for it though.  So yesterday I taught my 4:30 cycle class and then we headed out after for the 9 mile bike ride to see the Christmas lights.

Decorating my bike for tonight! #christmas #bike #christmaslights #rolling

You know what I loved about it? 1. There were so many people riding their bikes lit up with Christmas lights. Some people really went all out. 2. I got to put Christmas lights on my bike. I wish I would have had more time to decorate my bike though. 3. The holidays are associated with family and friends AND gaining weight and being less active. I love that this combined being active and some holiday spirit.

Our first year doing the #christmas light #bike ride and it was SO fun! Thanks for the good times my friends and of course a big thanks to Amie James!

We had a great time. Our friend Jeremy put a huge speaker on the back of his bike and played music the entire ride. And it was just fun to talk with everyone while we looked at the lights. I’ll be honest, I was too busy running my mouth and didn’t pay too much attention to the lights. I did see some of them though. He made a video with his GoPro, this is just the trailer.


Towards the end we stopped off at a bakery. I shouldn’t have gone in but I was thirsty and I forgot my water bottle. I came out with THE BEST GINGERBREAD COOKIE EVER and a caramel empanada (it was good but the cookie was the star of the show). I think Willie and I were going to go to blows over that gingerbread cookie. Remember it’s about moderation folks…and a shoving match over who gets the last bite of the cookie we were supposed to be sharing. All in Christmas spirit!

Dancing santas on the bike ride! #christmas

But it was a great time and it was nice just to get out to ride the bike with friends and just chat. It was also cool that the community supported the ride. A local dance studio had dancing Santas for us to enjoy. So many people came out to way and to say happy holidays. It was just a great feel good moment and promoted being active which is what we’re all about!

Have you gone out to look at the Christmas lights? Have you seen anything really spectacular?