Weekly wrap-up #4 2022: more running, breaking a hard drive, and not enjoying lunch

Welcome to another week of the weekly wrap-up. I can’t believe we’re already at #4. Most importantly, I can’t think I’ve managed to put up a weekly wrap-up so consistently. I hope it’s not the “kiss of death” for saying that so early in the year.  

What do I say about this week? Work kept me busy. I’m not complaining about being busy with work. It has been hectic yet fulfilling at the same time. As a small business owner, these are the times we depend on to keep the business rolling all year. Workouts didn’t come easy, but I haven’t felt motivated to exercise. It’s been a chore. I also ran the Hot Chocolate 15K in Houston on Saturday. 

My workouts this week:

Weekly wrap-up #4 2022

Monday: Forty-minute walk/hike on the treadmill. Winter around here means it’s going to rain, so I had to workout inside;

Tuesday: Crosstraining day. I did a 20 minute EDM ride, 20-minute strength, and a 5 minute core for runners.

Wednesday: 45 minutes of speed work. Thirty seconds run/30 seconds walk for 25 minutes. This workout didn’t go so well. I didn’t want to do it, but I went as early as possible so that I couldn’t put it off. I thought I was moving faster than I was.  

Thursday: Rest day. 20 minutes of stretching. I was still feeling like an old lady after my strength workout on Tuesday.

Friday: Scheduled 20 min shake out, but I didn’t do it because a. It was a travel day, but b. I didn’t want to mess up my hair for 20 minutes.

Saturday: Hot Chocolate 15K in Houston. Not the most exciting race to run, but it was tasty at the end.  I ran a better time than expected, especially since I left my socks at home.  It is possible to run a long distance without my compression socks.  My legs did start to feel it around mile 8, though.

Sunday: Stretching.

What I ate this week:

I must admit I didn’t enjoy my meals this week. I wasn’t hitting with the meals, but I was trying something new. The only lunch meal I enjoyed was the teriyaki tofu, which I wish I would have made more for the entire week. I’m trying to find a set of meals I can put in a rotation. Most of everything this week was a miss, so that I won’t be making it again.

Weekly wrap-up #4 2022
Breakfast: Oatmeal and chickpea avocado toast. I need to start making some overnight oats to help with making oatmeal in the morning. On race day, I did eat some steel-cut oats from Trader Joe’s. It was amazing. I wish I would have bought more because it was $2 for two, but I don’t live near a TD’s.

Weekly wrap-up #4 2022
Lunch:  As I mentioned before, the teriyaki tofu was the BOMB. I made buffalo tofu, which was ok, but I didn’t think the meal through. I need to rethink how to construct the buffalo tofu meal. I also made a sweet potato, taco thing that was a colossal flop. When I made it, I was so excited, but everything fell flat when it came to eating it. I think I got a set of rotten sweet potatoes that were old, and those potatoes didn’t cook up too well.  

Weekly wrap-up #4 2022
Dinner: I tried several meals, that wasn’t so bad. I made a shrimp pesto pasta, a veggie sandwich with kale, spinach, tomato, onion, olives, hummus, and a salmon bowl.

What I ate out this week:

Weekly wrap-up #4 2022
The lunch situation was out of control by Thursday, so I ordered a tuna sandwich from Jimmy John’s. I don’t know what it is but a JJ’s sandwich is good. I traveled for my race on Friday, so I ate lunch and dinner. I got a hummus plate (hummus, pita, and Greek salad) for lunch with lentil soup. And for dinner, I ordered Thai Dynamite crispy tofu from Pei Wei. 

After the race, I enjoyed the hot chocolate refreshments. The banana dipped in chocolate was a miss, but the gram cracker in the chocolate while drinking the hot chocolate slapped so hard. 

Weekly wrap-up #4 2022
After driving home, I ate my leftovers from Zoe’s Kitchen. I decided to go with the healthy choice to help my body recover, and I pigged out on Saturday night. Sadly, there is no picture of my Hee Haw burger, fries, and fried green tomatoes. I’m sorry, I was so hungry, and I was knee-deep in the burger when I realized I didn’t take a photo.  But I did get a photo of the Sonic blast  I enjoyed for dessert.

Everything else:

I finished Reminders of Him by Colleen Hover, but I mentioned that in last week’s wrap-up because I finished it on that day. Days later, I’m still recommending that book for a good read. I haven’t found my next read yet. I’m not a person who finishes a book and jumps into the next book unless it’s a series. Reminders of Him was a powerful book, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. It’s probably time for me to move on. Haha!

I broke my hard drive doing something foolish, and I knew better. But I lost all of my footage from the second half of 2021 until now, including some videos I had not edited.  

I got a new bathroom organizer from Target, which made our bathroom situation much better. This organizer solved the problem. I have a lot of products, and I don’t want to put them away. Long story short, I keep a lot of things on the counter. 

I had a lot of fun with Tot this week. We talked, played video games, and danced like fun people. My child is a serious fashionista, and she’s earnest about her outfits.  

I got a great backpack from Vera Bradley. I’ve been searching for a great backpack because I carry all the things with me. I purchased a bag in great December, but I missed a few things I need in a backpack. I found a backpack at the Vera Bradley outlet for a great price, AND it’s made from recycled materials.

I started watching the Mysterious Benedict Society on Disney+. It’s a great show, and I’m not sure how it’s a kid’s book series because it’s a bit complicated. But it’s excellent, so if you’re looking for something to watch, you should give it a try.

Videos this week:

That’s a wrap on this week. Thanks for reading and following along on my journey. I’m in need of some book recommendations.  

What book should I read next?

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