Giveaway: Pure Via’s stevia summer fit kit

It’s summer and it’s getting hot.  When summer hits, I suddenly become obsessed with tea and nothing else.  Do you like tea? Tomorrow is the first official day of summer, so why not spend it drinking some iced tea with some good company. I’m usually a hot tea drinker but since it’s been so hot outside, I’ve switched the the iced variety of tea. I do love to make a big batch of green tea and put in the fridge to chill. Luckily, Pure Via sent me a variety of stevia products to try out.  I’ve been having fun mixing… View Post

Do you drink your calories?

I don’t drink my calories and when I do…it’s painful.  I would just rather eat my calories than waste them on a drink.  Most people aren’t that way.  When we decided to lose the weight, we did it cold turkey.  There was no more soda, juice, fru-fru coffee drinks or alcohol.  That was something I had to let go. It’s amazing how little a cup of juice is and how quickly you can tear through a couple of sodas before an appeterizer arrives at the table.  Just knowing that was enough to turn me off the concept. I would allow… View Post