What I LOVE about where I live

Not The World's Largest Fire HydrantMy city has gotten a horrible wrap lately with the school board issues and of course being placed on many lists:  saddest cities in US and contender for most obese US city.  But I want you to know I loved this city when I was fat and I love it even more that I’m not fat!  Beaumont is a great city and it is not sad!  Every place has it highs and lows and it’s different from person to person.  That comes with everything.  The air may not be as fresh or we may not always be able to see the stars, but this is a great place to live!  But how could you not love a city with the 3rd largest fire hydrant?

Here are four things I love about my city (even though I could name more, but I just don’t have enough time):

1. It’s not too big but not so small.  It’s got a very homey feeling to the city.  I like that it doesn’t take a lot of time to get to where you’re going.  It’s got the appeal of a small town but in small city form.  It’s not a huge city, but major city living isn’t for everyone.  I love Beaumont because it’s an inbetweener.  It’s small by any means, but it’s not too big either.

2.  Small business thrives here.  In southeast Texas, we are in the land of big oil but the little guy is celebrated.  We love our small businesses!  There are small clothes boutiques, great gyms (big holla to my gym), some great restaurants and bakeries (I understand that Jason’s Deli isn’t small anymore, but it’s started in Beaumont) and great bars.  (I can’t peg any bars because that’s not my scene, but I know people can definitely recommend some stuff.) These are just a few suggestions, but Beaumont and southeast Texas has many many options on the small business front.

3. The city is well maintained.  People may complain about this while living in the city, but try visiting a city that isn’t well maintained.  We have great public libraries, parks and other city facilities and things are getting better every day.  There is a big project to add on to our Hike & Bike trail and bike lanes are popping up all over town now.  Beaumont is trying to move into a healthier city and they city is making steps in the right direction.  I’ve lived here a majority of my life and just seeing how much things have changed in the past 3-5 years really blows my mind!

4.  Honestly, the people make the city.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting really great people this year and now I can’t imagine not having these people in my life.  The energy of the city is positive and it reflects in the people.  There is an enthusiasm for life in this city that does go unnoticed sometimes because it’s easier to pick on the city and completely passover the wonderful people who call this place a home.  Beaumont would be nothing without the people living in the community.  There are great people doing great things here!  People who are willing to show the greatness of the city we call home.  People greet you with a smile and people love to talk.  So why not spark up a conversation with someone OR just say hello!  This is why I love this city; because when I say hello someone is always smiling back to reciprocate that.  I’ve been a lot of places and that doesn’t happen very often!

There are plenty of things not to love about the city, but why dwell on them? Why not CELEBRATE everything that is great about where we live and how it’s getting better everyday.

A day of (state) resolutions

A day of (state) resolutions

After running the Austin 10/20, Willie and I were honored with state resolutions on the floor of the Texas State Capitol.  Our weight loss achievements are now a part of Texas state history!  This is/was such a honor for us and definitely a moment we won’t forget.  We were honored alongside our friend Richard and Amie James (for creating a healthier community by creating The Gusher Marathon), Iram Leon (for winning the Gusher Marathon while pushing his daughter and just plain winning at life), and Felix Lugo (who ran his 50th marathon holding the American flag at The Gusher).  We…

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