Motivation Monday: Be present in the moment.

I’m blogging from a hotel room on this lovely early morning and I’m thinking about all the amazing experiences I’ve had this year.  It’s been completely amazing and there has been one take back from it all. Be present in the moment. That is today’s motivation Monday message.  It’s an important message to send, especially at this time of year.

It’s Thanksgiving week which means a big meal to made and friends and family gathering together.  It can be hetic and overwhelming, but it’s also meant to be a time to be thankful and enjoy the time.  Don’t forget that and be present in the moment.


Prep as much as you can so things aren’t so chaotic.  Take the time to sit down and talk to your friends and family.  Take the time to enjoy the moments because those moments will be over in a minute.  Don’t spend the time on social media or on your phone.  There seems to be a lot of that going on.  Don’t let that monopolize you time.  Take a picture or a few pictures and enjoy the moments.  Post the pictures later on social media if need be.

Willie on his phone!

There’s nothing more important happening on your phone than what is happening around you in those moments.  Just take the time to enjoy the moments and make some memories.  If you don’t, you might regret it and the time is already gone.

Live in the moments.  I’ve become so horrible at not living in the moment because I’m constantly thinking about everything that needs to be done next or where I’m going next.  When I’m thinking about that I’m missing out on things right in front of me.  It’s been something I’ve been working on all year and I encourage you to work on that this holiday season.  Life is about living and making memories.  Don’t let your memories be going around frantic, worried…or even on your phone/iPad the entire time when you could have been enjoying football, food, family and friends.

Happy Birthday to my momma! #birthday #family #love #mom

My Thanksgiving will be busy.  I’m trying to have a normal holiday because it’s my favorite of the year.  But my mom is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow.  That kind of throws a hitch in the plans but I will make the best of it.  Please send your thoughts and prayers for my momma.

If the weather isn’t too frigid get outside and walk around.  Just have fun and live in the moment.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?  Do you have to work all week?