Things are not normal

The best blogs are the ones when you write about what you know so that is what I have to write about right now.  Things are not normal right now.  I wish I could blog about workouts, meal prepping and healthy meals, or even just weight loss.  But I can’t do that because life is just different right now.

I am extremely blessed to have a child.  She is my world and I’m thankful every minute of the day.  This is definitely a place in life I never thought I would be.  Honestly, I had given up the possibility of having a child.  I am just thankful.

Let me tell you a little bit about my reality.  I haven’t been cleared to workout yet.  My main goal is being healed so that I can get back without any complications.  I didn’t plan on having a c-section but it was one of the necessary things.  It made me nervous about the recovery process so I’ve been overly cautious about it.  This week I did go out for a walk because I’m tired of doing nothing.  It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve had Baby G which means it’s been 5 weeks since my last workout.

I want to workout to tone up because I can tell I’ve lost a lot of muscle tone. But mostly for my mental health.  Exercise helps me deal with my stress better and right now I just don’t have an outlet.  Sometimes I’m just a ball of mess.  I haven’t really had any time off work and I’m dealing with some major changes in life so I haven’t exactly been taking it easy. I’m hoping to be released for workouts next week.

Healthy choice all natural

Eating has become a competitive thing. It’s about getting the food in my mouth before Baby G needs something.  It’s like she knows when I need to take a shower or eat something.  When it comes to eating, I don’t have enough time to fix anything so I’ve basically been on the frozen food diet.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner have been a Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice Steamer.  (You know, I have to keep a variety in the diet.) It’s just been the easiest thing to eat with one hand too.

Sleeping is something that comes in spurts.  Baby G is sleeping better at night (right now) so I’m taking advantage of it all.  In fact, I should be sleeping right now instead of writing this blog.  I know how important sleep is to maintaining a healthy life so I’ve been trying to get it in when I can.  I’m averaging 6-7 hours a day, which is great but it’s not continuous sleep.

I won’t lie, I’m dealing with some body issues.  Of course, it’s hard for me because I’m not working out and my body has gone through a major change.  I just want to wear my old clothes again which is kind of pipe dream right now.  I know it’s weird to be even worrying about this right now, but it is something on my mind.  I’m ready to get some muscle tone back on my body.  It’s been a little emotional for me and it’s kind of not even a big deal.  I JUST HAD A BABY but sometimes it’s easier said than done.  I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Things are not normal right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.  It’s a time of change and new beginnings that I’m trying hard to embrace right now.

Are you good with handling change?