It can happen to you

By the time most of you are reading this post we’ll be halfway to China!  We haven’t even left the airport and we’re already having an adventure.  Let’s just say some Chinese people are looking at us with envy because we have an extension cord at to charge our phone and we don’t have to huddle around the charging station.

Tired at the airport but we're going to China! #tripofalifetime #travel

But it’s 10:35 pm on Sunday and we’re tired.  I would have been in bed already!  We still have 2.5 hours before our flight leaves.  Willie does selfie better than me.

It’s Monday so I just wanted to send a little motivation your way. Our lives changed in an instant and it’s not something we were looking for. All of the sudden we were splashed on the front page of CNN and then things started to roll. I never thought we would be featured on The Rachael Ray Show or even be flying to China.

I tell you this because even the things you think are impossible might really be possible. I NEVER Thought I was going to lose weight. I never thought I would be the person I am right now. BUT I AM THIS PERSON NOW BECAUSE I TOOK CONTROL OF MY LIFE. I stopped making excuses and took action.


Be proactive, take control and make the change you are hoping to make. Don’t put it off until tomorrow because your change can start right now.

And if even if you think something may not be possible or attainable, it just might. But you never know until you try.

So what’s going to be the deal with my postings from China? I don’t know how the whole internet thing will work in China. I know I’ll probably be able to post to Instagram so follow me there. Other than that, I’m going to sit here until the plane takes off to write some posts.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I’ll talk to you all soon. Don’t forget to say some prayers for Willie and I as we embark on the race of lifetime on Thursday May 1st when we take on The Great Wall of China. That will be Wednesday evening for most of y’all.