April goals 2021: time management, building content, and a running coach

It’s time to talk about April goals, mainly because I didn’t talk about last month’s goals. March was a hard month for me. I didn’t feel motivated in the content creation department. The one thing I did do was keep up with my workouts and building my mileage. My run/walking has come a long way. Everything else seemed secondary. I’m not sure if I was feeling unmotivated or suffering from a bit of burnout. Either way, March turned out to be a rebuilding month for me and a time to chill out.  My April goals are important to me due to the lack of focus from the previous month.

April 2021 goals: time management, running coach, content planning

I focused on fleshing some ideas out, but nothing solid for the future. Planning gets in my way because I start to overthink and compare. But I took a moment to step back from a chaotic world and reevaluate what I want my brand to stand for down the line. Somehow, this got away from me, and I couldn’t remember the “why” because I may have focused too much on trying to fit in.

My April Goals 2021:

  1.  I will read two books this month. My overall goal is to read 12 books a year, but I didn’t read a book in March. I felt like I needed to read a book to motivate me and kick my butt into gear. I spent January and February reading non-fiction, and I wanted to read a non-fiction book to gain some knowledge. 
  2. I will work with a running coach. When I finally ran The Flying Pig Marathon, I worked with a running coach to get me to the finish line. My running goals hit the back burner during the pandemic, but I’m ready to start running races now things are opening up. I want to focus on running a half marathon, and maybe if time permits, I would like to run a marathon at the end of the year or the beginning of 2021.  
  3. I will create more helpful content along with everyday life content. The videos I put up weren’t the worse, but it wasn’t some of the stuff I was proud about producing. I know every video isn’t going to be a “banger,” but it was just like going through the motions. Life is starting to pick up in many different ways, so hopefully, better content will lend itself more efficiently.
  4. I will work on my time management skills. Improving my task and time management is was one of my unmentioned March goals. If you know, you know. I am a planner, to-do list, type of girl, and during February, I got out of the habit of doing these things that kept me on task. There are distractions throughout the day that get me off my duties, which significantly affect my time management. I will share my task and time management improvements with you in another blog post and video.
  5. I will post to Instagram every day. My Instagram feed is not a priority of mine. When it comes to creating content, it’s always last on my list. I joined an April photo challenge that has prompts on what to post every day. My problem with posting to Instagram does not know what to post, so this helps guide me through my postings. So far, I’ve done five days this month, and I’m going to keep going strong. I have a confession, though; my post usually comes as the last thing I do in the day. But I am motivated to meet this challenge and curate some content along the way.

Those are my goals for the upcoming month. I’m trying to keep my goals simple and manageable, so I don’t get overwhelmed, especially when dealing with working, parenting, and relationships.  

What is one thing you want to accomplish in April? And what will you do to achieve your goal?