Five Things Friday: 5Qs about weight loss

Hello all! Happy Friday! Sorry about not having a blog up yesterday, I thought I scheduled a post but I guess I was wrong. That means I’m absent minded and it just left you absent. Have no fear, Angie is here with a new post for Friday. I enjoy doing the Five Things Friday thing but I thought I would change it up with a video this week. I am answering five questions about weight loss. The topic will change from week to week but if you have a question about anything, please feel free to ask me. It will make a video, I promise. This is the main reason why I went to a video format so I could easily answer the questions people have to ask.

Topics covered in the video:

  • My heaviest weight.
  • Time to lose the weight.
  • Cheat meals.
  • Weight loss struggles.
  • Advice for those trying to lose weight.

Do you have a question for me to ask in future videos? Leave a comment below or e-mail me.

The state of the union: recovery, weight loss …

The state of the union: recovery, weight loss and loose skin

There’s only one thing that you need to know: I’m tired! I feel like I finally hit the limit of doing too much and not getting enough rest.  Yesterday, “Dr. Dawn” told me to take a break and she’s right. Recovery is important but it’s not something I’m good at.  I like to be moving and doing something.  When I’m not moving, I don’t feel like myself. There’s probably some psychological thing I’ve also programmed in my mind about not being active too that comes into to play but that’s buried in the back ends of my mind. All I…

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