Motivation Monday: Patience is key

The year is winding down and it’s the time to reflect on all the great things you did this year.  I truly hope it’s been a great year for you and you have made the progress you desired at the start of the year.  Even if you didn’t reach all of your goals doesn’t mean it’s still not going to happen.  Patience is key and things take time, a person just needs to stay the course. I know what you’re thinking, “it’s easier said than done.” That’s the absolute truth, it’s easy to think those things but putting it into… View Post

Being too hard on myself

Yesterday I threw myself a pity party. I ran two half marathons this weekend, I should be proud about that.  I’m upset because one of those was supposed to be a marathon.  I’m complaining about nothing.  Don’t judge me.  But I am hard on myself and it clouds my judgement.  I really should know better. I am being too hard on myself. Maybe I’ve set the bar too high or I need to manage expectations. When I made the decision at mile 6, I knew it was the right decision.  When I rolled through mile 8, I was feeling better… View Post