Tips for getting your workouts done

I know I’ve talked about this before but I have a new perspective on this subject.  Before working out was something that I wanted to do; I had no problems hitting the gym.  Now that I’m pregnant, I still want to workout but there are many excuses for me not to hit the gym.  Sometimes those are good reasons and sometimes those are just excuses.  I can now identify with some of the complaints people have about working out. I’ve been trying to workout 4 times a week in my third trimester.  For the most part, I’ve been hitting my… View Post

You’re my workout accountability partner

Sorry I missed the blog today but  I wanted to make sure you knew what I was up to in life.  You’re my workout accountability partner. You know I like to keep things rolling.  I’ve been in the car all day.  I’m roadtrippin’ to Kentucky to capture state #10. I did get my workout in this morning. I taught a wonderful class this morning and then immediately went home ate and got in the car. Someone asked why I posted pictures of my workouts every day.  I’m not doing it for any other reason so that you can hold me… View Post

The incident of accountability

Willie and I both talk about accountability being a reason why our weight loss journey was successful. We do hold each other accountable to keep each other in check. Accountability partners are great because they keep you moving in the right direction, but it’s all fun and games until you actually have to hold the other person accountable. There was an incident of accountability with running going on in our house. Willie and I are both training for St. Jude Children’s Marathon weekend. I’m running the full marathon and he’s running the half marathon. I printed out the training plans… View Post

Facing the fear

In life there are rule followers and rule breakers. I’ve always been a rule follower. I was a good kid that hardly broke the rules and if I did happen to break the rules, I felt terrible. I punished myself! It’s always good to follow the rules but I also think it’s put me on a path to only want to follow rules and think about the consequences. It’s stopped me from being a risk taker. I’ve lost all this weight which has really forced me to get to know the “new” me. I do feel like I can do… View Post