Five Things Friday: 5Qs about weight loss

Hello all! Happy Friday! Sorry about not having a blog up yesterday, I thought I scheduled a post but I guess I was wrong. That means I’m absent minded and it just left you absent. Have no fear, Angie is here with a new post for Friday. I enjoy doing the Five Things Friday thing but I thought I would change it up with a video this week. I am answering five questions about weight loss. The topic will change from week to week but if you have a question about anything, please feel free to ask me. It will make a video, I promise. This is the main reason why I went to a video format so I could easily answer the questions people have to ask.

Topics covered in the video:

  • My heaviest weight.
  • Time to lose the weight.
  • Cheat meals.
  • Weight loss struggles.
  • Advice for those trying to lose weight.

Do you have a question for me to ask in future videos? Leave a comment below or e-mail me.