Week of workouts: Covid vaccination experience, finding balance with speed vs. mileage, and strength workouts

It’s that time to recap my workouts for the week. Last week’s workouts were a bit harder for me. I managed to get five days of workouts done, even on Saturday when I had a pounding headache from my second shot.

This week I decided it was time to start working with a running coach again. I will talk more about this in another blog and video, but I wanted you to know the origin. I’m finding it hard to balance my workouts to the place they need to be for me to progress. I’ve been working on building the routine and consistency, but now I need help to achieve the goals.

My covid shot experience:

Week of workouts: My Covid vaccination experience

I received the Moderna vaccination. I got my first shot on February 26th with minimal side effects. My arm was very sore, and I was a bit tired for a day. Oh, I had moderate itching at my site injection.

I received my second dose on March 26th. My arm was the usual soreness, and I woke up the following day with a slight headache which grew into something worse throughout the day. I felt fine besides that and was able to do more than my normal activities. On Sunday morning, I woke up tired, headache, itching, and by the end of the day, I had some chills. I slept the majority of the day. Monday morning, I had a slight fever, and I was still fatigued, and the pain in my arm was still there. Tuesday, as I’m writing this, I am still plagued by fatigue, and there’s still pain and itching at my injection site.

Breakdown of my workouts:

Week of workouts:covid shot, speed vs mileage
Monday: 3.92 miles. 10 min warm-up walk, 30 min walk + run, 10 min cooldown walk

Tuesday: 10 min full-body strength workout, 20 min strength for runners, 10 min arms and shoulder strength, 10 min yoga flow hips

Wednesday: 3 miles. 10 min warm-up walk, 10 min warm-up HIIT run, 20 min HIIT run, 10 min cooldown run. 

Thursday: REST

Friday: 5.2-mile run + walk. I struggled with this workout.

Saturday: 5 min warm-up ride, 20 min Pop ride, 10 min focus flow hamstrings

Sunday: REST

Thoughts on my training:

Week of workouts:covid shot, speed vs mileage

I’ve tried new classes for stretching my hamstrings and my hips. This week I did the hamstring focus, and my hamstrings are tight. I started to notice when walking, it was hard to pick up my feet. Walking puts strain on your hamstrings, and I thought taking a more focused stretch of my hamstrings would help remedy the situation. I only did two classes, so I can’t tell you of a miraculous change, but I’m hoping consistency will help me down the line. I tried to do some speed workouts this week. I’m not sure if I should be focusing on building my mileage or building my speed right now. Trying to incorporate both into my workout is where I made my mistake putting together my training schedule for the week.  

I think speed will come with consistency, but I should focus on building my mileage and getting stronger. When Friday rolled around, I was a bit off my game. I like to get my longer workouts started earlier, but I was scheduled for my second vaccine that day. I didn’t get started on my training until after 10 am, which means it was a bit toasty. Also, did I mention I just got my second shot?  

I couldn’t get my feet moving, and my hips didn’t have it. It was more comfortable for me to run than walk. My body was not fueled for a long, intense workout; I had only eaten breakfast several hours before starting my training. I ran, walked 3.2 miles, and power walked another 2 miles for a total of 5.2 miles. I had no intention of going longer than this, but I felt terrible after finishing my workout. Looking back on the workout, though, it was not a bad workout, AND it was what I had time for during a hectic day.

That was my workouts for the week.  

Are you training for something? Are you trying new workouts? Comment down below.

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