NYC in 24 hours

Wondering where we’ve been? We’ve been a little busy and I wanted to share a tiny bit of what we’ve been doing. Willie and I were blessed to be able to visit NYC this past weekend…for only 24 hours. Let me tell you we made the best of the situation.

NYC part 2
Willie had never visited NYC before so I was more interested in him doing the things he wanted to do. I’ve been there several times so I’ve pretty much done and seen everything touristy there was to do. I really only wanted to go to MET and Central Park.  We walked there from our hotel which was a pretty good way and we rolled through Times Square (hated it!) and walked some more.  It was good to just walk with Willie and just talk.  We haven’t been able to spend too much time together due to some family stuff so it was nice that we had a few moments by ourselves…doing something fun.  We didn’t take many pictures but for some reason we wanted to Ed Sullivan theater and of course a picture of us at the park! We’re not the people who want to do the touristy stuff anyway. We want to fit in with the locals and do what they do. That’s the best way to really get to know a city. I love that we are THOSE type of people.


Before we actually made it to dinner we stopped at the Momofuku Milkbar to get some crack pie! Yes, the pie is that good! Definitely not the most healthy thing (or healthy at all) but it was so good. We only took a couple of bites and I quickly wrapped it up. I also got a confetti cookie because who doesn’t like cookies. I wish I would have just gotten the compost cookie though since I had heard so much about it.

When we finally got free time we did what @williebeatfat wanted to do! The foodies we are wanted to take pictures in front of all of our fab chef's restaurants but he really wanted to go to #momofuku. He LOVES #davidchang! #foodie #nyc #milkbar

When we finally got free time we did what Willie wanted to do! The foodies we are wanted to take pictures in front of all of our fab chef’s restaurants but there just wasn’t enough time. I know we’re crazy, but that’s what we wanted to do. No Statue of Liberty or Empire State Buiding, we wanted to go to Momofuku. Luckily, we were able to get there because Willie LOVES David Chang and really wanted to go there.  He was so happy to be there and it really just warmed my heart.  There was a slight disappointment when they didn’t have the current issue of Lucky Peach, but thank goodness we found a copy at Momofuku later…and then a Whole Foods.


Willie never steers me wrong with food. I totally let him take the lead on this one and I LOVED Momofuku. My thing is Middle Eastern food and his is ramen. I loved the ramen at Momofuku. I got the vegetable ramen and Willie got the Momofuku bowl. The broth was delicious but the star of the show…the steamed pork buns. Willie has been talking for weeks how he was going to make these buns, but never did. Of course, I had to have one two from the source. This is me stuffing my face with a pork bun. YOLO baby and it was so good! But it doesn’t stop there, the roasted corn with whatever was in there was delicious.  This meal was just SOO good (and not as salty as I thought). We are foodies and enjoy good food.

You can still enjoy food if you’re struggling with weight, don’t let your mind psych you out. Sometimes it’s heard when you’re on your weight loss journey to even think about food. Enjoying your food even feels like it’s a bad thing. Willie and I love to experience different foods, cook foods and experiment in the kitchen. I struggled with this while losing weight (and a little bit now) because I liked to cook and really know about food. I questioned my behavior and what motivated this behavior. Now I’ve come to learn that one of my passions in life (besides endurance sports, photography and fitness) is food and there’s nothing wrong with loving food. Now instead of eating horrible food, I’m learning about food. We’re learning how to make healthier dishes and create our own versions. I’m just so glad that we’ve gotten to this place of peace of with food!

I am so happy Willie was able to make his first trip to NYC!  This definitely won’t be his last trip and I’m excited to be able to explore more of the city with him and some of our friends! We loved the city but at the end of the day we both agreed we couldn’t live there. In our hearts, we wish were the people who could live there and make it, but we’re not. We’re small city people with big city dreams! There is so much to do and see and there’s always some place open which is nice. NYC will always be a special place in our hearts which means every visit will always be great! Here’s to more adventures together with my great husband.

So what’s your favorite place to visit? Where is one place you want to go but haven’t?