Stop, drop and smile.

Things haven’t been great lately and I got bogged down in some negative energy. And then work happened and it got really busy and I didn’t have enough time to really blog. Today’s message: You’re never fully dressed without a smile. It’s not a completely an original idea. But it’s a theory I want to carry over into this Monday. It’s time to start fresh and to start anew. It’s time to smile, again.  The act of smiling can change your whole world in the blink of an eye. A smile breeds positivity. Why should you turn that frown upside… View Post

You are enough

I was kind of stumped at what I was going to write about today.  I sat at the computer yesterday for something, but I was blocked.  Before going to bed, I found this video and it left me speechless. We must all remember that we are enough. There is no mold at to who we should be and who we are should just be enough. I remember thinking if I lost weight then I’ll fit in to the “normal” world. I wouldn’t have the eyes starring at me, taking pity on me or giving me the “looks.” But you know… View Post

We are only the sum of our experiences.

There’s nothing wrong with a curious mind.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more, see more or do more.  Once upon a time, I thought this made me ungrateful for things in my life.  I have always been that person who was constantly looking forward to what was next. I do credit my weight loss success to being able to visualize the future and look forward to all the possibilities that could come.  I was curious about all the things I would be and all the things that I could become. My curiosity of life has been sparked. I… View Post

Another day and the best version of yourself

This post will be about nothing. I have a lot of ideas floating round in my head but nothing is sticking. I probably have too much floating around in there to focus on one thing. It’s not just a today problem, it’s been a week long problem. It’s Monday and that means I usually post inspirational/motivational things but I can’t just pin point one message today so you’re going to get many or nothing at all. That gray area in life doesn’t exist to me. I’ve really tried to come up with something to share with you today, but I’ve… View Post

Blog interrupted: a new week reset, going meatless, and biking.

I like to post the motivational stuff on Monday’s because it’s just a good way to start off the week but I’ve fallen behind on blogging because I was sick and I didn’t want to go anywhere near a computer on my work planning day. It’s kind of been a mess. I’m yet to post my recaps from San Diego or any other blog planning so this is where I’m at. The good this though is it’s Monday, a new week to do new things! It’s time to start anew and achieve new things! It’s time to start a fresh… View Post