It’s that time again where I start looking forward to the future. I want to know what my next big thing is going to be so I can start working on it now! This morning when I was teaching my cycle class I thought about goal setting. My goal for this morning was the teach a successful class! When I finished the class, I felt good because I knew I accomplished my goal. Goals don’t always have to be a big ta-da in life! There are long-term and short-term goals! Short term goals are the perfect way to help you… View Post

We wanted to lose the weight to improve our quality of life and we did it! I’m here to tell losing weight was only the FIRST step in improving our quality of life. I learned in hindsight that the weight was holding us back from not just being physically active but also socially active. Don’t get me wrong, we both have a GREAT set of BEST friends in our life but all but one set live out of state.  The in state people don’t even live in our city.  Willie and I spent a LOT of time sitting at home,… View Post