Hello May!  I hope everyone is starting off the first day of the month in a positive direction. Last night, I stayed up a whole lot late for me to watch the draft.  I must confess I usually go to sleep between 8:15 pm – 9:00 pm and the first round of the draft lasted until 10:30pm.  I went into the bedroom around 10:15 to watch the two last picks but I fell asleep. This morning I woke up a little tired but I wanted to start the month off right and go to the gym.  I knew I wasn’t… View Post

I don’t know why but this morning I woke up thinking about the things that people said I should/would never do. It’s easy to get wrapped up I. The idea of what others think and say about us. I could sit here and tell you that you shouldn’t care, but I know it’s easier said than done. If I told you I lived like that, it would be a lie. Truth is I do care, but I think that is wrapped up in insecurities. I let it creep into my head and ruin some pretty proud moments for myself. Truth… View Post

I’ve been contemplating my goals for the new year.  I’m taking a new approach to my goals this year.  I sat down to think about what I accomplish in the new year and most of them come in the form of being true to myself and using my voice.  It seems to be more internal than physical.  I don’t know what that really means. 1.  I want to stay true to myself.  I’m a people pleaser, I don’t want people to be upset or hurt by my actions. That sometimes interferes with my thought making process because I make decisions… View Post

Happy August everyone!  It’s the start of a new month which means anything is possible.  Start thinking about the things you hope to accomplish this month. Yesterday was my momma’s birthday!  It was kind of a chill day for her.  My  momma likes to celebrate occasions with food which is hard for Willie and I because we’re trying to keep things in check. We finally decided on Pei Wei.  If you’re an old blog reader you know Willie and I use to swear by this place, but they changed the menu.  For me, the nutritional information is a little bit… View Post

If there is something you want in life, you MUST go after it! It’s time to be proactive. Sometimes talk is cheap!  It’s time to stop talking and time to start doing something.  “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” I posted this quote on Facebook this morning and it got more likes than any post I’ve posted in a long time. There’s a reason for that…it’s the truth. Setting goals is a GREAT thing. I never want to detour anyone from setting goals, but at what point do you start to put those goals into… View Post